Endoscopic Cholecystectomy – A Solution To Treat Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder stones can be effectively treated by laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This method is considered a "gold standard" in the treatment of gallbladder stones, helping remove stones, recovery time after surgery quickly and ensure aesthetics for patients.
What is gallstones?
The gallbladder is the digestive organ located below the right margin of the liver, which stores and concentrates bile production by the liver. The gall bladder contracts to push bile fluid into the digestive tract of fat, which helps in the digestion of food.
Gallbladder stones form due to an imbalance between the components in bile fluid or a persistent bile stagnation

. The first stage only appears very small stones, then they grow rapidly in both quantity and size. If left untreated, the disease can cause serious complications for patients such as cholecystitis, obstruction of the pancreatic duct, biliary tract shock, biliary tract bleeding and even gall bladder cancer.
Gallstone when to surgery?
Not everyone with gallstones will need to be treated with surgery
Depending on the health status as well as the size and location of the stones, your doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Endoscopic Cholecystectomy - A Solution To Treat Gallbladder Stones

For patients with small size stones who have no symptoms, they may be prescribed medication for dissolution of stones or appropriate diet and exercise.
If you are one of the following, surgery will be the optimal method to treat gallbladder stones effectively:
Pebbles are large in size, often causing abdominal cramps, fever
Stagnant liver stones cause blockage of the bile ducts
Stones stuck in the gallbladder neck accompanied by symptoms of acute cholecystitis
Gallstones cause acute cholangitis, acute pancreatitis
Gallbladder stones are painful and uncomfortable for patients, so they need to be treated early
Endoscopic cholecystectomy - the optimal solution to thoroughly treat gallbladder stones
Cholangioscopy is considered the most optimal solution for people with gallbladder stones with many outstanding advantages:
The incision is small, safe, minimizing invasion, ensuring aesthetics
Instead of a large incision, laparoscopic laparoscopic surgery requires only 4 small incisions of only 0.3 - 1cm above the abdomen to allow surgical instruments to go inside. Therefore this method is safer, minimizing the level of invasion.
Minimize pain, reduce risk of infection, low complication rate
With the advantages of laparoscopic surgery with small incisions, it also minimizes the feeling of pain during and after the surgery, reducing surgical site infections while minimizing scarring.
Fast recovery time
Patients will be home after 2-3 days of surgery and can recover completely after about 3-4 weeks depending on the health condition. At this time, the patient can return to work and daily life, pay attention to gentle activities and regular check-ups according to the doctor's schedule

Does cholecystectomy have any effect?
This is a very concerned question because it is the common psychology of patients, they are worried whether the method of gallbladder surgery has many advantages but it will affect their health or not.

Endoscopic Cholecystectomy - A Solution To Treat Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder surgery can cause a number of problems, including:
Pain and fatigue
This is a common symptom in patients after surgery. However it is not dangerous because any pathology that has been operated by surgery will also be painful and tired to varying degrees. Patients should limit walking and exercise in the first 2 days. About 1 week after surgery, the patient can return to normal life.
Nausea and vomiting
This symptom is very common in patients after gallstones surgery due to the effects of anesthetic, anesthetic. To remedy this situation, patients should drink plenty of water to quickly eliminate the remaining drug in the body.
After cholecystectomy surgery, the patient may experience nausea, vomiting
The syndrome after cholecystectomy
After surgery, patients may have diarrhea, right abdominal pain. However, these symptoms will disappear after a few weeks.

Endoscopic Cholecystectomy - A Solution To Treat Gallbladder Stones

Damage to the bile duct
This is considered the most serious complication of cholelithiasis surgery. This condition can cause leakage, dilatation or tearing of the bile duct leading to liver damage.
Gravel gallstones
This condition occurs in about 6% of patients after gallstone surgery. Patients should monitor regularly to know the status of the remaining stones in order to provide timely and effective solutions.
Any surgery has the potential to be an infection, not just gallstone surgery. Clean the incision clean to minimize this situation.
Recurrence of stones after surgery
After gallstones surgery, patients may still face the risk of recurrence. The recurrence rate of stones can be about 30-50%, so patients should monitor their health regularly.

Endoscopic Cholecystectomy - A Solution To Treat Gallbladder Stones

What should be prepared when cutting the gallbladder?
For the process of gallstone surgery smoothly and effectively, patients need to prepare:
Fasting at least 4 hours before surgery
Stop some medications or supplements because they are more likely to cause bleeding during surgery
After surgery, you should stay in the hospital long enough to be able to monitor your health, making sure there are no complications.

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