Endoscopy Of The Nose – The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

Currently, endoscopy is commonly applied by doctors in examination and diagnosis. One of the new methods for endoscopy is nasal endoscopy. Let's find out more about this new method through the article below.
Nasal endoscopy is a method like?
Nasal endoscopy is a new and increasingly popular method of endoscopy. This method helps the doctor directly examine the internal organs (usually the stomach) with a very small tubular scope measuring only about 6 - 9mm, soft and small, which is taken directly through the nose

. With images transmitted, the doctor will assess the damage or abnormal signs related to the organs inside your body.
This method will give good image quality and make patients no longer feel uncomfortable during the colonoscopy.
Superiority of the nose endoscopy
With a small endoscope and through the nose, do not touch the tongue and the pharynx area does not cause discomfort, nausea, minimizing the discomfort that patients encounter during the endoscopy process
This is the first reason why many people want to use this type of colonoscopy.

Endoscopy Of The Nose - The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

Endoscopy of the nose through the nose is considered a safe method because it does not require anesthesia. If the patient is experiencing breathing problems, blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, it is preferable to use this method of endoscopy, because the method ensures the blood pressure and heart rate are stable during the procedure.
Another advantage that other endoscopic methods do not have is that when the endoscopy through the nose during the procedure, you can still talk to your doctor about your condition.
Endoscopy of the stomach through the nose helps save time than other endoscopic methods. The whole procedure is only about 15 minutes. And because there's no need for anesthesia, recovery time after laparoscopy is also faster.
Disadvantages of nasal endoscopy
This method is not applicable for patients with nasal cavity disease, cleft stenosis

The cost of regular nasal endoscopy will be higher than oral endoscopy.

Endoscopy Of The Nose - The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

Finally, and also the biggest drawback of this method is that if during the endoscopy, the patient has problems to perform procedures such as polypectomy, removal of anomalies, hemostasis ... it is not always possible. . When faced with these situations, the doctor will need to switch to oral endoscopy to be able to perform the procedure.
According to the evaluation of doctors, gastroscopy through the nose is easy to perform, giving patients a much more pleasant feeling. However, this method does not completely replace the normal oral endoscopy method, because besides its outstanding advantages, this method still has certain limitations mentioned above.

Endoscopy Of The Nose - The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

Therefore, to know which endoscopy method is best suited for you, patients should come to the doctor and discuss carefully with the doctor for the most accurate advice.
Who needs a nasal endoscopy?
People with abnormal signs related to the digestive tract such as epigastric pain, heartburn, heartburn, indigestion, poor absorption, etc.
If you have a long cough, recur often, have a feeling of being stuck in your throat, swallowing pain, etc.
Bloody diarrhea, unusual weight loss, tired body.
Suitable for people with unstable blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, the patients themselves or a family member with a history of allergy to anesthetics when gastrointestinal endoscopy is required.
What is endoscopy applied in medical examination?
Nasal endoscopy is increasingly popular among patients. The doctor will directly examine the internal organs, usually the stomach, using a special scope that can go deep into our bodies.
Endoscopy through the nose can endoscopy nose, esophagus, stomach and even duodenum and duodenum.

Endoscopy Of The Nose - The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

Gastroscopy through nose
Note when performing endoscopic nose
Before endoscopy
Some of the following measures should be taken seriously so that the diagnosis can be accurate and comfortable during colonoscopy.
Fasting should be done at least 6 hours before the colonoscopy to avoid reflux, choking food through the nose.
Do not drink colored soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee ... to ensure the quality of the image during the colonoscopy.
In the event that you have a nasal endoscopy, your doctor will wash your stomach with a specialized syringe before the procedure.
You should notify a specialist when you are using specific medicines related to the respiratory or digestive tract.

Endoscopy Of The Nose - The First Solution For People Who Are Afraid Of Pain

After endoscopy
After finishing the colonoscopy, you should note the following:
After performing nasal endoscopy, you should rest for a while and then leave because strong physical activity immediately makes you dizzy.
Eating and drinking should be avoided immediately after colonoscopy. It is best to after 1 hour.
In case you feel flatulence, bloating after the colonoscopy, it is a normal phenomenon, you should not be too worried.
Endoscopy of the nose hurt?
The traditional old endoscopy method was one of the past.

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