Eucommia – Renovated, Positive

Do Trong also has a private name, a joint venture. Scientific name: Eucommia ulmoides Oliv., Is a acclimatized tree, growing at an altitude of over 1,200m, found in Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Ha Giang and Hoa Binh.
The part used to make medicine is the dried or dried stem. According to Oriental medicine, the sweet pea is a bit spicy, mild; in can and kidney, has the effect of temperate, positive, strengthening tendons, pregnancy, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol, calming pain relief, in addition to anti-inflammatory diuretic effect

Therefore good for cases of kidney discontent, dizziness headache, tinnitus, deafness, back pain, knee pain, impotence diuretics; pregnant women with debilitated body, threatened with miscarriage; hypertension.
Please introduce some remedies from solemn medicine:

Braised pork glutinous rice with bean sprouts: With weight 16 - 20g, pork with 1 pair. Eucommia cooks water to remove the residue, add rice flour, vinegar, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar and spices into a broth

Pork peeled off the membrane to clean sliced.

Eucommia - Renovated, Positive

Stir in the pork, ginger, onions, garlic and spices, turn down the heat, add the gravy and vinegar broth to the side of the pan until it boils again, stir the bowl a few times. Used for patients with back pain, sciatica.
Stewed pork bone with bean sprouts, goji berries: Eucommia 15g, figs 30g, 100g pig backbone, alum sugar suitable.
Eucommia and goji berries cook to remove the residue. Bring the liquid medicine with the boar's spine (at first boil to a high flame, then simmer) until the bone marrow, remove the bones, stir the alum sugar into soup soup, feed when hungry.
1 in the afternoon each child. Continuous 10-day session
Used for cases of back pain, knee pain, tremors in the legs.

Eucommia - Renovated, Positive

Big apple porridge: Glutinous rice 100g, Apple big 10 fruit, weighted 16g. Great apples and solids cook water, remove the residue; then for glutinous rice to cook into porridge, breakfast in the afternoon when hungry (twice a day). Used for pregnant women with back pain have the effect of kidney and placenta.
Lean meat soup, important bean, pecans: Lean pork 120g; parked 16g, peculiar 12g. Pork washed, sliced; Add the beans, pistachios and water, cook well, add seasonings to taste.
Used for cases of kidney failure, backache, knee fatigue, body weakness, dizziness headache, impotence impotence, elderly kidney damage, constipation, difficulty urinating diuresis. Taboo: The negative people with heat are not used.

Note: On the market there are many herbs called "Do Trong nam", which are the shells when broken with white silk threads.

Eucommia - Renovated, Positive

This medicine can be obtained from the male periwinkle plant (Paramerria glandulifera Benth.), Oleander family (Apocynaceae); coral bark (Jatropha multifida L.), castor (Euphorbiaceae); rubber tree bark (Hevea brasilenssis (HBK.) Muell. - Arg.), castor (Euphorbiaceae).
Currently, there has been no research on the effects of these drugs to replace solids. Need to pay attention when using.

Eucommia - Renovated, Positive


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