Excessive Sweating – What Disease?

Increased sweating causes a lot of annoyance for patients in their daily activities. Too much sweat can make the body dehydrated, lose salt, quickly tired.
There are many causes of increased sweating such as emotion, taste, pregnancy, menopause, sympathetic neuropathy, metastatic tumor that completely compresses the spinal nerve, low blood sugar, taking medicine. hypothermia overdose .

.. Based on the sweat where can know the body is missing or what disease.
Sweat is released by the normal physiological activity of sweat glands in the body
Sweat helps balance the temperature and removes toxins from the body.

Excessive Sweating - What Disease?

In summer, on average one day and night, the human body secretes from 500 - 600ml of sweat. Sweat is more secreted when the body is in a state such as strong emotions, fever or drinking alcohol, eating food with too much spicy.
When exercising or hard labor, the amount of sweat that the body can excrete can increase by 10 times. Sweat is often secreted in tight areas such as armpits, back, thighs, groin; areas of the skin that are often exposed to the sun, such as the skin of the neck, face, or other body organs that often need to function, such as the feet, hands, etc.
There are two types of sweat: normal and oily sweat.
- Sweating in hands, feet: is an increase in emotional sweating, commonly seen in summer. The patient's hands and feet are very wet, and the feet are easily smelly
The disease worsens whenever there is a sudden feeling like going to the exam room, receiving good news - suddenly sad.

Excessive Sweating - What Disease?

Patients often worry restless, prone to mental trauma, lose calm.
- Increased taste sweating: The disease occurs immediately after eating hot spicy foods such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, coffee, tea or hot soup. At this time, the sensory nervous system is sensitive; Common in certain conditions such as diabetes, shingles, inflammation or parotid gland trauma. Symptoms: excessive sweating in the forehead, upper lip, around the mouth, nose and mid-chest area.
- Increased body sweating: The cause is a hot, humid climate, labor or heavy exercise, hormone abnormalities (such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, menopause). Excessive sweating, soaked clothes cause loss of electrolytes, patients quickly tired, cramps, greatly affecting the work.
- Treatment of sweating is not difficult, but in order to properly detect the cause of the disease, from which treatment is effective, patients need to be patient and do many exclusion tests.
For people with increased body sweating, should seek medical attention, endocrinology to treat the cause.

Excessive Sweating - What Disease?

Need to wash regularly, in a cool place, drink plenty of oresol water or brine sugar (mix 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar into 1 liter of boiling water to cool).
Excessive sweating of hands, feet and armpits can be treated locally by topical application of 20% aluminum chloride in the evenings.
In addition to medication, there are now many methods to "stop" excessive sweating in patients after a period of applying the above measures and no effect.
For example, aluminum chloride is introduced into the body by an ion transfer method (charged particles are inserted deep into the skin). The injection of botox into each foot, hand or armpit also reduces sweating very well, but causes muscle weakness when held. This method is effective for 5 months.
And when all of the above methods fail, the doctor can surgically remove the chest sympathetic ganglion, or inject the hot serum to remove the chest sympathy instead of the surgery is also highly effective. For increased armpit sweating with underarm odor, surgery is the preferred method.

Excessive Sweating - What Disease?

In addition, wearing too tight clothes, clothes made from materials containing a lot of nylon also affects the operation of the sweat glands because of the inability to absorb sweat, causing secretions and unpleasant odors. for body. An unreasonable diet of sweets, greasy foods is also the cause of sweat you have an unpleasant odor..

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