Eye Injury – Unexpected Consequences

Eye injury is a common accident in productive labor, especially in agriculture. Meanwhile, most of our population lives on agriculture.
Risk factor

In the course of agricultural labor, there are many activities, jobs that easily cause eye injuries (eyeballs) even leaving unpredictable consequences.
Initial eye damage is common
Scratching of the covering of the eyeball (cornea, conjunctiva) or damage to the eyeball depending on the agent and degree of injury.
These injuries, if not properly treated initially or not examined and treated early in ophthalmic facilities, will often worsen rapidly, causing severe eye conditions and complications such as: corneal ulcers, endophthalmitis (agents in the agricultural environment: grain, rice leaves, mud

... are very dirty, carrying many dangerous bacteria, especially: Staphylococcus aureus, purulent bacillus green, mushrooms

Eye Injury - Unexpected Consequences


Therefore, the treatment is often difficult, costly, time-consuming, but the effectiveness is not high, patients often suffer from reduced vision at different levels, even having to remove the eyeballs.
The importance of proper and early treatment and treatment of disease
In fact, the ophthalmologist has received many patients who had not too severe anemia at first but due to early detection, treatment, and improper treatment made the disease much worse, causing the treatment later on. Although very positive but low results, must accept blindness in the eye injury.
Unscientific methods of dealing with NSI
When paddy or dust gets into the eyes, people by all means remove foreign objects: rubbing, even using needles, bamboo shoots .


Eye Injury - Unexpected Consequences

These actions are extremely harmful because it will cause more scratches, corneas, push the object deeper, increasing the risk of infection of the injured eye (paddy, dust, bamboo shoots and sewing needles evenly). not clean).

Talking about eye-medication, many people often do not go to the eye specialist, but go to the drug store to buy medicine for small drops or drink.
The danger is: the drugs that are affordable for people, are often used as the contraindications to the current condition.
The most common are eye drops containing cortisone such as dexacol, dexaclor, polydexan ... these drugs are often dubbed the "double-edged sword".

Eye Injury - Unexpected Consequences

If you use them arbitrarily, do not follow the instructions and supervision of a specialist, the damage to the eyes is immeasurable (corneal perforation, cataract, glaucoma ...)..

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