Fetal Heart And Abnormalities

The development of the heart
Dr. Gail Pearson (pediatric cardiologist) said: "The heart is one of the earliest organ development (about 7 weeks of age) because the heart helps pump and blood transfusion for the entire development of the fetus." - said the doctor.
Factors affecting the fetal heart
Dr. Pearson said, although scientists have not yet found a specific cause of fetal heart abnormalities, causing congenital heart defects, the following factors affect fetal heart development:
- Abnormal chromosome: Down syndrome causes 50% of the newborn's heart to be abnormal

- Genetic abnormalities: An abnormal gene can also develop congenital heart defects.
- Mothers with diabetes: Uncontrolled diabetes in mothers increases the risk of heart defects in babies.
- Rubella infected mother: Rubella should be vaccinated before being pregnant

Maternal sleep medication or substance: Dilantin (used to treat epilepsy), cocaine, alcohol, and Accutane (used to treat acne) to affect fetal heart formation .

Fetal Heart And Abnormalities

- Exposure to certain substances in the environment: paints, solvents, pesticides, air pollutants such as trichlorethylene and radiation are all things to avoid.
Common heart defects
Fortunately, heart defects are quite rare, only about 8 in 1,000 babies are born with abnormal hearts.
Michelle Collins (lecturer at Vanderbilt University) said that the cause of most congenital heart defects is unclear. For example, babies with Down syndrome, Turner hereditary disorder, Klinefelter syndrome ... may have congenital heart defects

Abnormal hearts fall into four different categories, including: incomplete heart development; defective heart; Abnormal or misplaced vascular function of the structures during cardiac development.

Fetal Heart And Abnormalities

Treatment therefore depends on the condition.
Preventing heart defects
While some heart defects cannot be prevented, you can reduce your baby's chances of developing a heart defect by taking care of yourself and eating healthily during pregnancy.
Taking prenatal vitamins as directed, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, not taking drugs is the best advice for any pregnant woman.
It's also important to know if you're immune to Rubella. Your doctor can check your Rubella immunity and draw a final conclusion. Any medicine you take should be discussed with your doctor first..

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