First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

Please introduce first aid for some common accidents such as burns, choking, poisoning in children.
Choking is the most common accident that can occur at any time, such as forcing a child to eat while a child is crying or when he places small objects in his mouth without the knowledge of an adult.

When a child chokes, he / she should first be held face down, with the head lowered lower than the body, then repeatedly taped between the child's shoulder blades. With babies they can hold their ankles so they can keep their heads on the ground.
If your baby is still choking, lay on his side and tilt his head back slightly, one hand support your baby's back, press the other two fingers into the space between the navel and the end of the ribs (pay close attention, upward) quickly and strongly

Older children can lay their babies on their stomach on their knees. If you use a firm pat method between the shoulder blades and still can't get the object, place your child on your lap, your back against your chest.
One hand holds your back, the other holds the punch (the thumb is inside) and then press firmly into the space between the navel and the end of the child's rib, pointing up

In the event that after the removal of an object, the child is unable to breathe and be rewarded, then need to do artificial respiration for the child.

First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

And if after first aid is still unable to remove the foreign object, the child stops breathing ... then it is necessary to quickly transfer the child to a medical facility for treatment.

When a child has a burn, it is important to remove the child quickly from the source of the burn. With minor burns (small, shallow area) it can be healed at home.
First you need to cool the burn; Prevent skin from blisters by opening the faucet slowly to the burn until the baby has less pain

If there is a blister on the burn, apply a clean, lint-free cloth and secure with tape but avoid blistering.

First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

Do not apply anything to the burn.
When a child has severe burns, the first thing to do is to remove his clothing, to reveal the burned area. However, when you take off your clothes, do not let the clothing touch the boiling water, chemicals ... touch other areas because it can cause those places to burn.
You can use a knife or scissors to cut the clothes if needed. Areas of clothing that are dry or have been stuck to the burn are absolutely not removed.

First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

Cool the burn for the child by soaking the child in water or applying a cold washcloth to the wound.
If a child has a chemical burn, when splashing water on the child, take care not to let the water spread chemicals to the non-scalded part.

After the burn has cooled, cover the area with a clean gauze or clean towel (without ruffling) to keep the wound clean and avoid breaking any water burns (if any).
In the event of a child's clothing being burnt, do not allow the child to run outside as the fire will flare louder. Then try to extinguish the fire by splashing with water or using a blanket, large cloth covering the flame (but not a flammable fabric). After giving first aid, immediately transfer the child to hospital.
Attention should be paid to the type of burn due to electric shock because these burns may seem small but can be very deep. Therefore, when a child has an electric shock, it is best to go to the hospital for examination immediately after being first aid.

First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

This is one of the most common emergencies among young children because it is very easy for them to take medicines, chemicals or any poison they can get.
Therefore, when children have symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, convulsions, unconsciousness or drowsiness, burns around the mouth ... they should think immediately that the child has been poisoned and seek first aid before moving to the hospital. . If your child is awake, offer him a glass of milk or water, not salt or lemon juice, vinegar.

If your child is unconscious, check that your baby is still breathing.

First Aid When Children Choke, Burns

If the child stops breathing, perform artificial respiration but place a thin cloth over his mouth and breathe through the cloth to prevent himself from becoming contaminated with toxins from the baby's mouth. Do not try to make a child vomit.
If the child is poisoned to the eyes, a warm pitcher of 10 cm high can be used to gently flush the eye continuously for 15 minutes. If a child burns around the mouth due to ingestion of chemicals, clean skin and lips should be washed for him.
After the first aid, take the child to the hospital immediately, taking along any leftovers that you suspect your child has swallowed. If your child vomits, bring a sample to the hospital..

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