First Trimester Of Pregnancy – Common Signs

The first 3 months of pregnancy - the common signs will give you the knowledge you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy and your baby has the best start.
Morning sickness
Up to 85% of expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting. The cause of this symptom is unclear, but chorionic gonadotropin is thought to be the main culprit. When the body has more of this substance, your nausea will increase. And that's not necessarily a bad sign because some say that the more likely a mother hangs out, the less likely she is to have a miscarriage or premature birth

. The following can help you minimize morning sickness until they disappear. after the first 3 months: - Eat small meals throughout the day. Eating small meals can help calm your stomach and keep your stomach full (nausea will worsen on an empty stomach)
While you tend to choose healthy foods, experts recommend that you feel free to eat whatever you crave, as long as it is healthy, and it doesn't matter if you just eat.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy - Common Signs

a favorite dish for a few days.
Supplement your diet with easy-to-eat alternatives.
- Use more ginger. Ginger can soothe upset stomachs, so add a pinch of ginger to your tea or fruit juice.
- Vitamin B6. Taking this vitamin can make you feel hungry faster. Ask your doctor about the appropriate dosage

A craving for certain foods or particularly aversion to other foods is often associated with morning sickness.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy - Common Signs

This craving and aversion may be unpredictable, but up to 80% of women experience cravings and up to 85% of women say they cannot swallow certain foods. Should you indulge your appetite and fussy eating? It depends.
If your appetite is healthy, not devouring bags of chips or half a liter of ice cream at once, you can rest assured indulging your cravings. A good rule of thumb: limit each serving to 75-100 calories. For items that cannot be swallowed, try substituting for something else to add:
- If you can't drink milk, replace it with low-fat cheese or yogurt and try to mix it into sauces, soups, cereal powders or cakes.
If you can't eat greens, stick to beta-carotene-rich fruits like mangoes, apricots and cantaloupes.
- If meat is rejected from you, replace it with beans, You can also prepare beef, chicken hidden in sauces, soups or stews.
Sensitive to scent
Many women claim that their sense of smell is particularly sensitive during pregnancy.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy - Common Signs

One theory is that this helps keep you away from foods rich in bacteria and natural toxins that can affect the unborn baby during important developmental stages. This hypersensitive sense usually calms down after a few months.
Staying tired all day long is one of the side effects of pregnancy. Your body is overloaded to promote baby's growth. Your uterus is producing progesterone - thought to have a sedative effect, and blood flow increases by 50% to supply blood to the fetus. A hidden culprit for excessive fatigue is anemia.
An iron supplement is essential to make your baby's blood cells, and if you don't have enough iron, your baby will take what he needs from your body and exhaust you. Your doctor will do a blood test when you go for your first prenatal check to check for iron; If you are deficient in iron, your doctor may prescribe supplements.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy - Common Signs

You can also cope with fatigue in the following ways:
- Exercise even when you just want to stay in bed, try to walk a little to stretch the tendons. Trying to do some 20 minute exercise sessions a week will help you to be less tired.
- Pregnancy vitamin supplements help you fill nutritional deficiencies if your diet doesn't meet your needs and at the same time provide iron to help prevent iron-deficiency anemia. - Enlist sleep. Go to bed earlier, wake up later, and nap when possible. If you have to work all day, take a 15-minute nap at your desk. Spend more time sleeping.
Urinating a lot
Even if you haven't seen your stomach, your uterus is still "expanding" and putting pressure on your bladder, which is never completely empty.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy - Common Signs

In addition, the kidneys also work harder to get rid of waste from your body.
The result: urination needs become more frequent, throughout the day and night. But that doesn't mean you should drink less water, and not urinate - as this can cause a urinary tract infection. To limit the number of times you have to urinate at night, do not drink water for a few hours before going to bed, exclude drinks containing caffeine in the evening (due to caffeine irritating the bladder) and remember to urinate before turn off the light to sleep
You may have acne due to overactive hormones, which make your skin produce more oil. Acne can disappear after pregnancy, but right now you can control them in the following ways:
- Do not touch and rub skin. Use the lo.

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