Folk Experience Cure Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a very common disease with the pathogenesis of a special condition of the body, abnormal and excessive reactions after exposure to a certain allergen, clinically expressed by The three main symptoms are sneezing, runny nose and blocked nose.
In traditional medicine, allergic rhinitis belongs to the category of 'sheep's dysentery', 'dyspepsia' ... Usually, people base on specific symptoms to divide into many different forms of disease and conduct treatment whether according to the 'dialectical dialectic' principle of traditional medicine

In terms of folk experience, there are also many remedies and treatments for allergic rhinitis, which can cite some typical examples as follows:
Method of drug administration
Lesson 1: Fresh purple pig shit 1, fresh 2 starfruit leaves, 2 fresh mint leaves. Three things washed, crushed, wrapped in gauze and plugged into the nostrils on each side, each side for 15 minutes.
Lesson 2: Fresh purple pig shit 10, washed thoroughly, crushed, soaked with 10ml of 70o alcohol and filtered through clean gauze to get a green solution
Everyday use cotton swab soaked in tincture and then put into the nostrils on each side, each side for 10 minutes.

Folk Experience Cure Allergic Rhinitis

Lesson 3: Good toad leaves (Russian realism) just enough, washed thoroughly, crushed and then plugged into the nostrils on each side, each side for 10 minutes.
Lesson 4: Leaves toad 65g, Tan di 15g, excellent water, filter through clean gauze and then small into the nostrils, three times a day.
Lesson 5: Honeysuckle 20g, horse tip 10g, duckweed 30g, sharp with 300 ml of water, take 150 ml divided into 2 drinks a day.
Lesson 6: Tan di 60g, horse head 12g, angelica 6g, onion 90g. All washed, chopped, dried, powdered and mixed with a bit of gypsum powder, mothballs and agar jelly.
Every day, noon and evening before going to bed, clean the nasal cavity with physiological saline, then use medical cotton wool to dip the powder in the nostril.

Lesson 7: Pressing garlic part 1, honey 2 parts, two things in harmony, small nose 3 times a day

Lesson 8: Beehive 1 piece, chew and swallow water to remove residue, 2-3 times daily.

Folk Experience Cure Allergic Rhinitis

Lesson 9: Gourd melon (ty over), taking the piece near the base about 1cm, lean pork 60g. All washed, finely chopped, cooked used as daily soup, 5 days is a process, continuous use of 3 courses.
Lesson 10: Tan di 15g, 2 eggs of chicken. Put Tan di and cook with 2 bowls of water to get 1 bowl, boiled hard-boiled chicken eggs, inject 10 holes around and then boil in fresh water, drink water to eat.
Lesson 11: Piglet with 1 pair, 2 eggs of chicken, two things beat well, add a little sugar alum and wine for a long time and steamed.
Non-pharmacological methods
Method 1: Use 2 index fingers towards the sides of nostrils to push up and down two acupuncture points. breathe in there, breathe out your mouth.
If the nostrils are still clogged, use the index finger and the thumb and the side to hold the tip of the nose to wiggle it, shaking and breathing until it is clear.

Folk Experience Cure Allergic Rhinitis

Finally, use your thumb to enter the tip of the nose close to the upper middle of the nose, turning it upside down 5-7 times. Do 3 - 7 times a day.
Method 2: Use 1 crushed clove of garlic to put on Dung tuyet grave, 1 night every night. How to determine the Dung Dung point: taken at the 2/5 front and 3/5 back junctions between the second toe (from the big toe) and the midpoint behind the heel, in the indentation in the soles of the feet .
To improve the therapeutic effect, it is possible to use a combination of remedies and methods together. Usually, people often use a combination of oral medicine, a nasal remedy with a non-pharmacological method..

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