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An appropriate amount of zinc is important for maintaining cardiovascular health, especially for men who maintain erection during sex. This source of zinc is abundant in oysters, mussels, oysters ... Do you know improving the chances of conception with a diet that will boost sperm for your husband?
We all know a man's way to the heart is through his stomach, but did you know that eating certain foods with the right nutrients will help increase sperm quality for men? and the productivity of "love"

Make sure your partner eats a lot of the following foods so that he will soon produce sperm that meets the fertility standards.
Organic food: The worse sperm count is associated with pollutants such as pesticides sprayed on the food we eat.
Therefore, eating organic foods you can reduce your exposure to chemicals that damage fertility because organic foods are manufactured using natural processes, do not use toxic chemicals, reuse use materials and save energy

Folic Acid: Everyone knows that folic acid is essential for women planning to have a baby, but it is also important for men because it helps create DNA and sperm.

Food For The Elite Elite Team

Folic acid is found in dark green vegetables like broccoli.
Nuts and nuts: Research shows that almonds and nuts are rich in selenium, minerals that work to increase sperm count and help sperm sperm swim better.
Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also good sources of essential fats and zinc - substances that are important for men's health.
Tomatoes: Research shows that tomatoes contain lycopene which is highly appreciated for its special antioxidant properties. Nutrition studies have shown that lycopene is directly related to prostate health.
Vitamin C: Fruits rich in vitamins such as oranges, kiwifruit have been shown to help sperm boost its function. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron for the body

Fish oil: Omega 3 fats and DHA can improve blood flow to the male genitals thereby increasing sperm production.

Food For The Elite Elite Team

The best fish for omega-3s include salmon, swordfish, tuna and sardines.
Seafood: A man's body lacks zinc, which can reduce semen fluid. The right amount of zinc is important for maintaining cardiovascular health, especially for men who maintain erection during sex. This source of zinc is abundant in oysters, clams, oysters ...
Protein: Protein is abundant in foods such as lean meat, eggs, poultry to increase sperm count, ensure sperm integrity (sperm tail).
Fluids: Make sure your husband always drinks enough water because this helps keep sperm energy levels high and uniform with healthy parameters.

Food For The Elite Elite Team

Things to avoid
Smoking: Not only is smoking generally harmful to human health, the chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes are associated with low sperm count and weak sperm count.
Medications: Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and long-term use of marijuana have been shown to have a major impact on fertility. The problem is abnormal sperm development and decreased libido.
Drinking too much alcohol: not only is it bad for your health, too much alcohol can raise estrogen levels and hinder sperm growth. Alcohol can also destroy sperm that creates cells in the testes.

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