Food – Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

After giving birth, women often suffer from weakness, fatigue, poor appetite, body aches, low milk or loss of milk, sometimes leading to postpartum. To remedy this situation, in addition to proper diet, enough nutrition, in folk, many medicinal plants, herbs have created simple and effective remedies.
Medicine to quickly recover health
Lesson 1: Experience of Muong ethnic people. Fatty roots, harvested all year round, washed, chopped root, rooted root and diced roots, soaked in rice water for 24 hours, washed several times, then impregnated with ginger juice at a rate of 50g fresh ginger in 100 ml of water, heat for 10 minutes, take out to dry.
Continue to soak until the ginger water is gone, sun-dry or dry completely

. Gold star On using 10-20g colors with 250ml water to 50ml, drink once a day.
Lesson 2: Dan ginseng 8g, black ginseng, royal taste 12g each, celestial subjects, disciplines each 10g, resurrection, long term, qui quy, martyrs of 8g each, Schisandra, sand wings 6g each , cinnabar 0.6g
All colors except for the cinnabar juice were decocted, then drink on a ladder.

Food - Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

After birth, mothers need to add more nutrients to restore health and increase milk production
Lesson 3: Experience of the Tay and Dao ethnic groups. Starfruit branch plucked leaves, washed (small branches leave intact, big branches use only the skin) sliced, dried, yellow stars. When used, take 20-40g of crushed medicinal herbs, braking with boiling water, drink every day instead of tea water for several weeks.
Lesson 4: An evil chicken 1kg of 0.5kg, butchered, removed from the viscera, and then stuffed into the stomach with medicinal materials: lotus seed 50g, 20g nostalgic paint, 20g equivalent, finely chopped with a little salt. Ninh for real. Eat both the water and in 1 day

Lesson 5: Grouper 1 fish, royal term, start each 20g, add wine, raw ginger, onions, pepper, vinegar and sugar, sufficient amount, cook into a dish, medicinal, then eat, drink country.

Food - Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

The drug has the effect of nourishing the skin, making the skin ruddy, the color of the face bright and increasing milk production.
Drugs that increase lactation
Lesson 1: Jute vegetables 150-200g, cook soup everyday in the first week after birth, the following weeks, eat twice a week at a dose of 200-250g.
Lesson 2: 10-20g pine needles thinly cut into fibers, pork feet 1 piece or pork feet 2-5 pieces, sticky rice 30-50g. Pork feet or claws should be chopped tight, cook well then add pine and sticky rice. Continue cooking for an hour until smooth, add seasoning to cool, eat during the day. Use 3-5 days.
Maybe many people do not know but the banana flower salad can help mothers after giving birth to increase milk production
Lesson 3: Banana flower: (the top part of the unexposed flower is called banana flower) washed, diced, boiled or mixed with sesame salt, peanuts to make mannequin to eat. Use a few days to quickly return to milk.

Food - Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

Lesson 4: Disabled figs (breast fig leaves, fig leaves) 100g, 1 pc of leg rolls, young jackfruit 50g, papaya fruit 50g, coriander seeds 5g to live, glutinous rice 50-60g. All finely chopped, mixed well, cooked into porridge for real, eat 1-2 times a day. Use 2-3 days. If there are not enough flavors, you can use fig leaves, papaya and spring rolls.
Lesson 5: 8g gold pangolin scales, white dahlia, pine needles, sand wings, dong quai, restoring spirit, cross-frame, heavenly pollen, 6g each. All dried, chopped, sharpened with 400ml water to 100ml, drink 2 times a day.
Anti-puerperal medicine
Lesson 1: Turmeric 300g, crushed and mixed with 3-4 liters of water, soaked for several hours, stirring occasionally, then decant. Take 1kg of glutinous rice that has been thoroughly soaked in turmeric water for 5-7 days and nights (soaked in the night), remove rice, dry, crispy roast, spread flour, fine sieve.

Food - Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

Drink 3-4 times a day, 1-2 teaspoons each time.
Lesson 2: Thanh soak 100g, ginseng onions 100g, saffron 200g. Soaked thinly chopped, sharp water, solid, ginseng and turmeric dried separately, spread one, sieve smooth. The day of drinking 20g of ginseng powder and 20g of turmeric powder with immersion water.
Lesson 3: Sticking with water, grapes, 20g each, mugwort 10g, 6g bare core, 4g fan, 4g grapefruit peel. Sac drank on a ladder.
Lesson 4: Silver butterfly roots, banana leaves, 4g each, bear bulbs, body only, (stars) each 3g flavor, perilla seeds (stars) 2g, bare skin (remove white membrane) 2g, galangal live 3 slices. Sac drink 1 time in the early morning.

Food - Good Medicine For Postpartum Women

Lesson 5: Pods or persimmon roots 30g, Bodhi root 20g, star fruit sour 20g. All finely chopped, dried, yellow stars, excellent drink during the day. Use many days..

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