Food – Medicine For Children With Measles

Measles is an acute infectious disease that arises and spreads often in the winter-spring season. The disease is common in children from 1-5 years old. The reason is that the person is infected with the measles virus. Eastern medicine divided measles into 3 stages. Here are some foods for children depending on the stage of the disease

Stage 1: Patients with fever, sneezing, runny nose, cough, red eyes, watery eyes, mucous membranes in the mouth and oral cavity, cheekbones appear white spots, pinkish outer edges.
Lesson 1: Coriander juice: fresh coriander 25g. Fresh cilantro whole washed and chopped into the pot add 250ml of water, boil thoroughly for 1-2 minutes, drain the water divided into 3 drinks a day, only drink the first 1-2 days when new disease

Children should eat tofu soup for the first 2 days of measles.

Food - Medicine For Children With Measles

Lesson 2: Tofu soup: about 1 piece of tofu about 200g, young coriander 25g, vegetable oil monosodium glutamate, spice powder just enough. Tofu chopped into small pieces, frying with vegetable oil to golden.
Wash cilantro into the pot, add 250ml of boiling water, simmer, bring to the boil, tofu, monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder, stir well, and simmer. Measures to feed patients once a day when they are hungry, can eat with rice, only eat the first 1-2 days of measles.
Stage 2: Patients with long-lasting high fever, increased cough, severe speech, thirsty mouth, difficulty in baldness, small red bumps appear higher than skin surface, palpable feeling on hands at head, forehead , neck, face.
Acne develops gradually and spreads to the chest, abdomen, limbs, feet and feet, and at the end of this period the fever is somewhat reduced.
Lesson 1: Water grass painting: 50g grass roots, green sugarcane 100g
Painting roots are carefully picked up, washed and cut.

Food - Medicine For Children With Measles

Washed green sugarcane peels cut into pieces, both put in the pot, add 250ml of water to boil thoroughly, divide water 3 times a day. Only drink 1-2 days in the period of measles development with high fever and sleepless sleep.
Lesson 2: Water radish: turnips 150g, rock sugar 15g. Wash radish, squeeze water, add sugar to alum, steam water until cooked and dissolve sugar, let cool and drink twice a day. Need to drink 1-2 consecutive days during the period of measles growth, cough with a lot of sputum.
Lesson 3: Fresh pear juice: a fresh pear is about 200g, alum sugar 10g. Fresh pears clean and cut near the knob to form a lid, cut off a part of the intestine, add sugar to alum and cover, pinned, steamed in water.
When ripe pears bring juice to divide 3 times a day.

Food - Medicine For Children With Measles

Instant drink 2-3 days during the period of measles eruption with high fever and cough.
Stage 3 (also called the period of measles flight): Dives appear in the order from head, face, neck to limbs, fever gradually decreases, patients with dry cough with little phlegm, skin flakes appear like mites bran, body comfortable, sick people gradually return.
Lesson 1: Millet porridge: millet 50g, lotus seeds both 30g, alum sugar 10g. Millet seeds into the pot add 250ml of boiling water into porridge.
Lotus seeds remove green shells into a fine powder, when millet porridge cooked for lotus seed powder, rock sugar stirred well, porridge boiled again.
For patients eat twice a day fasting, need to eat 3-4 days to recover health after measles flight, reduce sleepiness, trouble sleeping.
Lesson 2: Carrot porridge: carrot 50g, grated 25g, young strawberry leaves 10g, ordinary rice 50g, alum sugar 15g. Washed carrots.

Food - Medicine For Children With Measles

Grated tubers, minced rice, add 400ml of water to a pot on low heat. Strawberry leaves washed and chopped, when ripe porridge for strawberry leaves, alum sugar stir well, porridge boil again.
Patients eat twice a day fasting, need to eat 4-5 days. Effect: sterilize measles, eliminate complications of prolonged cough and wheezing in the neck.
Note: When a child has measles, parents should pay attention to the child to eat protein that is easy to digest, nutritious, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Especially needed for patients to drink enough water to contribute to circulating circulating fluid, measles grows and flies quickly, all toxins of measles; Do not let children out into the cold wind, bathing in warm water in a well-ventilated place..

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