Foods That Make Your Skin Ugly

There are many foods that are bad for our skin, but are often unaware of their harmful effects. Let's learn to protect and care for the best skin.
Canned food
Canned foods often contain very little nutrients and live enzymes, eating lots of canned foods means that the body is lacking certain nutrients and this immediately shows on your skin.
Moreover, canned foods often contain relatively low amounts of water, as opposed to fresh foods like fruits or vegetables that always provide the body with an appropriate amount of water to detoxify and regulate oil production. Without adequate hydration, your skin will become dull and oily, causing large pores and acne

Canned foods contain low amounts of water, so eating more will be harmful to the skin
Poultry farming industry
Currently, all kinds of meat and poultry raised industrially, which means feeding on food grown and oranges to help them grow fat faster and produce meat faster are increasingly popularly sold in the market. When eating these meats, our body indirectly receives foods that contain these growth hormones. These compounds can create hormonal imbalances in the body, which can lead to acne and skin infections

In addition, the digestive system will be quite difficult to digest these meats, if not consumed all day long will cause accumulation of toxins causing the body and poisoning.

Foods That Make Your Skin Ugly

Of course this is not only extremely harmful to the skin, but also to the health.
Cow's milk is fed industrially
The same goes for animals raised industrially for meat, for cows fed growth hormone feed for higher milk production. Drinking fresh cow's milk, including yogurt, cheese, etc., from dairy products of these cows is a direct way to bring harmful bacteria directly into our bodies.
The absorption of this milk causes acne, creates excess estrogen and causes a series of health problems in both men and women.
Fried foods are not good for the skin
At high temperatures, cooking oils and fats in foods are strongly oxidized while we all know oxidation is harmful and antioxidant foods are good for the body. When we eat fried foods too much, we create conditions for the body to oxidize quickly

Eating a lot of fried foods can cause acne, dry skin
Fried foods in grease and especially fried oil will increase the risk of heart disease, poor blood circulation, impair the digestive process, causing toxic buildup in the body.

Foods That Make Your Skin Ugly

Your skin will be the first to speak, as your skin needs a healthy metabolism and a balance in hormonal regulation. The youthful beauty of the skin will quickly be devastated if the body is slow to synthesize collagen and elastin when we eat too many greasy fried foods.
Eat too much sugar
Sugar can weaken our immune system, and when our immune system is being suppressed, our body's organs are not working effectively against the bacteria that cause head of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Sugar can also contribute to constipation, leading to blockages in the skin. Science has proven that too much sugar will adversely affect the skin. Sugar in the body is acidic, creating many problems in the digestive system, besides establishing a better environment for the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. In other words, the more bacteria, the more poison and the worse the skin.
Drinking too much coffee
Research shows that 2-3 glasses of caffeinated drinks stimulate the pituitary-adrenal glands, leading to increased cortisol levels in our bodies.

Foods That Make Your Skin Ugly

Excess cortisol (also known as stress suppressing hormone) has been shown to accelerate the aging process and damage our skin, thinning the skin. The thinner the skin, the easier it will be to form wrinkles.
Coffee is also a diuretic and can dehydrate the body, making it dehydrated and bad for our skin..

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