Foods To Avoid In People With Stomach Pain

Stomach pain in Eastern medicine is called a system administrator. People with stomachache often belching, heartburn, epigastric pain (on the navel), which is caused by acid-producing stomach, gas production, and stomach ulcers that cause pain. People with stomach pain should not use stimulants, hot spicy foods and cold foods, foods with high acidity. The following are notes for people with stomach aches in eating and drinking:
Vinegar, lemon
These are foods with high acidity, which will erode the lining of the stomach, so people with stomach pain should not eat.
Green papaya
Green papaya in plastic contains papain, this substance erodes the stomach lining, people with stomach pain should not eat

Pineapple is rich in organic acid and has some enzymes that work to digest protein, not good for people with stomach pain, increase ulcerative stomach lining.
Cucumber, watermelon
Cucumber, watermelon are cold (welding), stomach pain is mostly caused by spleen damage, if ingested causes bloating, diarrhea.
Onions and raw garlic
Onions and raw garlic contain many compounds that increase stomach ulcers
So if you want to eat, you have to cook it.

Foods To Avoid In People With Stomach Pain

Cauliflower, raw cabbage
Cauliflower and cabbage are vegetables that contain lots of fiber, which is good for health. However, when it enters the intestinal tract, it is more likely to produce gas that causes bloating. Therefore, for people with stomach pain, it is recommended to cook broccoli and cabbage before using.
Very good for digestion for normal people, but in chili contains an alkaloids that are very spicy and hot, if people have stomach pain (ulcers), eating will make the ulcer worse. So people with stomach problems should not eat.
Chocolate: For people with stomach problems, limit or abstain from chocolate because it will cause acid reflux in the stomach.
The coffee
In coffee containing a lot of caffeine is a stimulant, stomach pain should not be used

Green tea is very good for normal people, but very harmful to people with stomach pain, causing stomach pain to increase, especially solid green tea and drink on an empty stomach.

Foods To Avoid In People With Stomach Pain

In a nutshell, people with stomach pain should pay attention in eating. If any of these foods exhibit increased pain, bloating, gas, or diarrhea, you should abstain from them, or limit your intake..

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