Fractures In The Elderly – Great Term!

Elderly (older people) often suffer from broken bones in daily life for a variety of reasons. For young people, a broken bone is a quite serious accident, in the elderly is a disaster. Treatment and care for a broken bone is not easy.
Why are older people prone to fractures?
The physiological function of the elderly as well as the microorganisms that exist and accumulate in the body is declining due to the declining hormones over the years, while the compensation is very limited. As a result, the skeletal system, joints, tendons, shells, joints and synovial fluid also gradually decline, causing what is known as "degeneration"

Osteoporosis due to lack or decrease of substances such as collagen, protein (protein), calcium, blood flow to the musculoskeletal system is also reduced, so just having a strong enough impact on the skeletal system can cause fracture.
In daily life, because of the surrounding environment, they are not safe like cramped houses, the uncluttered furniture makes older people, especially those with weak health, difficult to walk, easily face the tools, furniture.

In some cases, it is more conditional, but due to age, weakness, poor eyes, it is easy to slip by the floor with ceramic tiles or slip in the bathroom both due to the smoothness of the floor tiles, just because the slippery shower liquid or soap

In these cases, sometimes older people who just fall down and bang their butt on the floor of the bathroom will also cause a fracture in the thigh or pelvis.

Fractures In The Elderly - Great Term!

In some cases of older persons, due to their good health, they can use ladders and stools to do their favorite jobs such as pruning bonsai, hanging flower baskets and then accidentally sliding a ladder, sliding a chair to cause falls or biking a bicycle. also causes fractures. In addition, the elderly may also have fractures in very simple cases, such as when they fall asleep and slide to the floor causing broken arms, legs or even a pelvis.
It should also be noted that fractures in older women are more common in women than men, because in women after menopause, estrogen is the hormone that helps strong bones to decline severely so it is very easy. osteoporosis and fractures.
Which fracture is the most dangerous?
A fracture is caused by the force of a bone that is strong enough and any type of bone can crack, crack or break. Because of the brittle bones of NCT, it is more prone to break Every time he falls, he may break his hand, broken his hand and fingers and may fracture two forearm bones at the same time by reflexes using his hands to support

If you fall, it can cause the kneecap or shin or foot bone, toe, thigh bone, pelvis, and the most common and the most dangerous problem in older persons is the femoral neck fracture.

Fractures In The Elderly - Great Term!

The femur neck fracture in an elderly person is a very complicated disease that cannot be treated in time and can be life-threatening.
The weakness of the neck of the femur is the connection between the femoral body and the femur. This place is easy to break if there is a strong impact, but with NCT sometimes falling down is enough to make the femoral neck fracture because the bone is already thin. In addition, if older persons fall at a height, it can also cause neck and lumbar spine fractures.
To prevent fractures in the elderly
With NCT: need to travel very carefully, should use large friction shoes, can use sticks to support. Activities should be done gently, slowly, and should not be rushed to avoid strong, unexpected forces that cause consequences on the bones.
Older people often have fractures when falling, so in addition to walking carefully, older persons should not lie in a high bed, should not lie in a hammock because they are easily twisted, fall when sitting up, should be screened and have protective pillows. In the bathroom should make additional handrails along the wall because this is where the instrument can easily slip on wet tiles.

Fractures In The Elderly - Great Term!

About eating, you should add foods that contain lots of calcium to strengthen bones such as milk, crabs, snails, shrimp, shrimp, sesame, carrots, greens ... Exercise is also a good way to produce. and maintain bone mass.
For relatives: It is necessary to create favorable conditions for the elderly in daily life when designing houses such as making low stairs, avoiding the arrangement of bedrooms on a high floor, so there should be toilets near the bedroom, lamps with enough light and floor the house is not slippery ...

Fractures In The Elderly - Great Term!

When older persons are injured, even mildly, they should be checked immediately by X-ray and come to the hospital for specialists to identify the disease. Do not arbitrarily take medicine, fix disordered, bundle because it can make the disease worse. Pay close attention when changing positions, sitting, standing.
If there is a fracture, you should follow the doctor's treatment regimen, consult your doctor for a thorough explanation. In this way, the care of elderly patients for fracture will be better implemented..

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