Frozen Semen Makes It Difficult To Conceive?

Condensed semen is a condition after a man ejaculates for about 5-20 minutes without liquefaction but clumps and thickens. The phenomenon is quite dangerous and is one of the causes of infertility in men.
Know how frozen semen is?
Under normal health conditions, semen when ejaculated in men is as milky as rice or light yellow. Semen will liquefy after about 5-20 minutes.
In some cases, when men find out that their semen is always in a state of thick, not liquefied condition, it is a phenomenon of semen freezing

This semen has a higher adhesion than normal so it will be noticeable through external observation.
Under normal health conditions, semen when ejaculated in men is as milky as rice or light yellow.
When men ejaculate, semen is small white particles, squeezed as smooth as powder, which is the situation where semen clots
This phenomenon reflects a sign of infection of the semen, seminal pathway, or a changing semen environment that causes some proteins and mineral salts to precipitate.

Frozen Semen Makes It Difficult To Conceive?

Semen is always in a state of dense, not liquefied semen phenomena are frozen
Frozen semen makes it difficult to conceive, right or wrong?
Liquefied semen is a homogeneous fluid that makes it easy for sperm to move into the egg and conceive.
On the contrary, with semen concentrate, sperm will not be able to move to swim deep and in the uterus combined with eggs, making it more difficult to conceive, which can lead to a rare risk of infertility. late in men.
Men with concentrated semen often have a fear of being exposed, which sometimes produces fear
The freezing semen affects not only fertility but also the happiness of couples. Many men with concentrated semen are not confident when having sex, and gradually develop a fear of being exposed and sometimes fear. This has a significant effect on the opponent's psychology.
How to treat frozen semen?
Condensed semen is one of the major causes of male infertility

Therefore, the earliest way to detect is to pay attention to the manifestation of semen and to see if there is an abnormal phenomenon.

Frozen Semen Makes It Difficult To Conceive?

Men need to be examined and treated early to avoid the risk of infertility.
Men need to be examined and treated early to avoid the risk of infertility
At reputable medical facilities, doctors will base on the condition to have different treatments. If you have any questions about diseases or reproductive health issues, please contact the obstetrics department of Hopital General Hospital on hotline 04.39275568 (ext 6709 or ext 6710) for advice and make an early appointment..

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