Genital Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a common sexually transmitted disease in both women and men. The following article will help us understand more about this disease.
Female: The patient often itches a lot, so the patient often has to scratch and scratch the vulva and spread the fungus into the perineum and groin. The vaginal discharge is milky, like a whey, and it can not be accompanied by bad urination, painful urination.
Men: This disease is less common and there are also few symptoms

. Common manifestations are a burning sensation of the glans, itching, glans and red skin, many cracks and mucus that is yellowish white.
-Long term consequences for men: Urethritis
Long-term consequences for women: Vaginitis, which can be transmitted to children during childbirth, causes thrush (tongue) making it difficult for the baby to suckle.
-Is it possible to increase the risk of HIV infection ?: Yes
-Is it cured? : Yes - take antifungal medication

Treatment: Vaginitis, fungal vaginal infections are common in women, it is second to bacterial vaginosis and usually 3 times higher than trich.

Genital Candidiasis

Up to 50%, even the author said that up to 3/4 of women with this disease at least 1 time in their lives.
Today the disease tends to increase due to the use of too many antibiotics has created favorable conditions for the body to suffer from fungal infections.

Other favorable factors are pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives with estrogen, diabetes and other sexually transmitted diseases including HIV infection.
The main cause of the disease is Candida albicans accounting for about 90%, in addition to other candidiasis strains and torulopsis glabrata. Infection with non-C. albicans fungi is usually more difficult to cure.
Many women get fungal infections but do not show signs of illness

When they have kidney conditions such as poor hygiene, too tight clothes, nylon underwear that causes moisture and ventilation, is likely to show signs of illness.

Genital Candidiasis

. The source of fungal infection may be outside the environment or in the digestive tract.
When infected women often have two prominent symptoms are very itchy and discharge gas. Symptoms of vulvar pruritus are the most common and make the patient very uncomfortable, many scratching causing scratches in place.
The discharge of air is usually not much and it is white like whey, no smell. Other manifestations are pain, burning sensation in the vagina, vulva, difficulty urinating and pain during intercourse.
Severe cases can cause redness, vulvar edema and small lips, large lips, sometimes spreading to the thighs, groin. The disease usually worsens before menstruation.

Genital Candidiasis

Men who have sex with infected women may also have foreskin inflammation, which causes redness, itching, burning sensation, burning sensation and white mucus. The illness usually occurs minutes or hours after sex and usually clears after washing.
With the above symptoms and symptoms, you can go to health facilities for examination and examination. Screening of fungal spores is now possible at district and other health facilities. When the disease has identified need immediate treatment.
Currently, there are many new drugs with high therapeutic effects, either topical or oral. However, women should pay attention to the hygiene in place, keep the genital area from getting wet, do not wear too tight, plastic clothes.
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Some medications to treat:
- Miconazole 200mg vaginal tablet, 1 capsule at bedtime for 3 days
- Clotrimazole 200mg vaginal tablet, 1 capsule at bedtime for 3 days or treated with oral medications such as:
- Itraconazole (sporal) 100mg orally, 2 capsules daily for 3-5 days
- Fluconazole (diflucan) 150mg single dose.

Genital Candidiasis

In case of chronic or recurrent illness, it is necessary to first check for diabetes, the causes of resistance decline and facilitate the growth of fungi such as prolonged antibiotics, corticosteroids, drugs to avoid pregnant with estrogen, HIV infection.
Do not wear tight clothing or synthetic fibers. In the case of prolonged illness and recurrent, it is advisable to visit a specialist for examination and preventive treatment.
For men usually do not need treatment because the disease will cure. However, if you have foreskin inflammation, you can apply anti-fungal creams like ketoconazole, clotrimazole,.

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