Gentle Yoga For Slim Shape

Type 1
Stand, bend your knees, arms relax, let go naturally on your sides, lift your head, reach your chest, look ahead, take a deep breath for 1 minute.
Inhale, lifting arms, palms facing up. Exhale, upper body bend forward, until hands touch the ground, hold for 15 seconds, inhale, return to initial position, repeat 3 times
Type 2
Standing position, legs apart, legs apart open
Hold body in the middle, exhale, bend right knee, inhale, arms stretched to shoulder position, lift parallel to ground, head turn right, hold 15 ~ 30s
Type 3
Hold posture above, exhale, right hand shrink, place on right thigh, left arm straight up, press right, simultaneously face up, look up into the sky, hold for 15-30s
On the posture, exhale, stretch your right leg, repeat 3 times
Type 4
The legs are closed, toes facing forward, hands clasped, placed in front of the chest
The right leg flexes, slowly rising, until the foot is pressed tightly against the inner edge of the thigh
Slowly move your hands up, up to the top of your head, eyes following you, holding for 15 seconds
Lower hands, return to position in front of the chest, hold for 15 ~ 30 seconds, exhale, put the right arm and right leg down, switch legs to repeat the movements
Type 5
Lie on the mattress, face down, legs closed, arms stretched forward
Inhale, shrink arms, slowly lift chest, head, lift off the ground, hold for 15-30s
Exhale, relax, lay on cushion, repeat 5 times
Type 6
Sitting with your legs crossed, your hands naturally placed on your legs - Inhale, straighten your spine, arms open to the sides
Breathing out, upper body slowly rotates to the right, right hand extends back, left hand resting on right knee, eye to right shoulder, hold for 15 ~ 30s
Go to the middle position, switch sides
Type 7
Place two pillows next to the wall, supporting your hips and buttocks
Legs spread shoulder width, follow the wall up
Relax, arms on either side of the body, palms facing up, eyes closed, take 1 minute deep breath
Type 8
Knees bend out, lay flat, put knees under the knees, under the abdomen and neck
Arms outstretched to the sides, palms facing up, eyes closed, breathing 1 minute deep.

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