Go Swimming When Pregnant And The Unexpected Benefits

Just follow a few notes, you can safely go swimming when pregnant because swimming is an ideal sport to help pregnant mothers improve health during pregnancy.
Benefits of swimming during pregnancy
Swimming is a gentle sport, just 30 minutes a day before giving birth will bring many benefits for pregnant women and babies:
- Reduce swelling of ankles and feet: Water helps to push fluid from tissues into veins, increasing leg circulation to reduce edema during pregnancy.
- Ease sciatica pain: Normally, the baby's head is pinched on nerves (in the last 3 months of pregnancy), causing the mother to hurt especially in the back and hips. When swimming, the baby will "float" with the mother so it will reduce the pain.
- Reduce morning sickness: Many pregnant women report that cool water helps reduce nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy

- Keep the body cool: During pregnancy, the mother's body usually has a higher temperature, a lot of bad sweat, so soaking in a cool lake can help the body to be cooler, especially when the heat increased outside level.
- Improve endurance: Swimming maintains muscles and increases endurance of pregnant women, making it easier to give birth.
- Burn calories, help manage the weight of the pregnant mother, if maintaining postpartum workout will improve physique efficiency

Note swimming during pregnancy
Swimming is good for pregnant women, but before practicing this sport, pregnant women should also note the following:
- Water safety testing: Avoid swimming in polluted beaches to prevent water-borne diseases.

Go Swimming When Pregnant And The Unexpected Benefits

To avoid contamination, it is best for pregnant women to choose to exercise in chlorinated pools properly.
- Avoid swimming in hot water: Swimming for more than 10 minutes in hot water can cause the body temperature to rise above 38.3 degrees C. This can increase the risk of neural tube defects, miscarriage and brain abnormalities and Spinal cord - especially if your body temperature rises during the first 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.
- Walk carefully: Remember, the floor around the pool is often very slippery, so pregnant women need to walk carefully to avoid slipping.
- Keep regular and constant breathing when swimming because babies need oxygen
- Do not forget to drink water: although not sweating when swimming, the body is more sad to urinate leading to dehydration. So make sure to drink 500 ml about two hours before training and put a bottle of water by the pool to drink during the swim

Where should not go swimming
- A mother has signs of pregnancy, threatened preterm labor or a history of miscarriage, premature birth, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Go Swimming When Pregnant And The Unexpected Benefits

- Avoid swimming in the early months and late pregnancy, the safe time is 3 months between pregnancy because the fetus has entered a stable period.
What is the right time of day to go swimming?
Pregnant women should remember that the best time to swim is in the cool afternoon because at this time the air is still warm and the pregnant body's body is conditioned to the environment.
Absolutely avoid swimming in the sun or early morning because this time the difference in body temperature and outside temperature can make pregnant women feel dizzy and easily produce fevers ...
Things to prepare after swimming
- Prepare a pair of non-slip slippers when swimming to use when getting out of the water, on the pool floor or in the changing room
- Having just finished swimming, when landing, should not wear a wet swimsuit but sit anywhere because bacteria are easy to grow and penetrate into the vagina through a humid environment.
- Add an extra amount of water to the body to make up for lost water
- After swimming, you should take a bath again, but absolutely not steam.
- Urinate after swimming to prevent vaginitis.

Go Swimming When Pregnant And The Unexpected Benefits

- Eye drops After swimming to prevent bacterial infection..

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