Great Benefits Of Yoga With Pregnant Women

Yoga is a gentle and very effective sport to improve your physical and mental during and after pregnancy. The great benefits of yoga with pregnant women are the reason why women should start practicing immediately.
Benefits of yoga for pregnant women
Pregnancy and lactation will greatly change the appearance and appearance. But do not worry, moving and breathing exercises will help improve the physical and mental perfect for pregnant women.
Here are four reasons why yoga is an ideal choice:
Understand the body: Yoga is a great tool to help you become familiar with the body during pregnancy

. Regular exercise will help you focus on the different parts of your body, which is especially helpful during childbirth.
Emotions: Yoga emphasizes breathing and moving continuously should help you breathe deeper. For some women, yoga helps women relax and if the mother is more comfortable and comfortable, so does the fetus

Perfect posture: Pregnancy can cause you to slump your shoulders.

Great Benefits Of Yoga With Pregnant Women

When holding the baby, or putting the baby in the stroller, your posture is not normal. One of the best benefits of yoga is to improve the strength of your back and shoulders and make your posture easier.
Mental support: Taking a yoga class before and after birth is a great way to make friends with people who are in the same situation as you.
Yoga brings many benefits to pregnant women
The essentials when practicing yoga
The most important factor in yoga is breathing. What makes yoga different from other physical exercises is that every pose involves breathing and breathing. Why do you have to breathe hard?
Breathing and moving at the same time forms your rhythm. Breathing deeply helps to bring oxygen to the entire body, providing energy for the body

Please prepare the following before starting:
Carpet: The mat is like a barrier between you and the floor.

Great Benefits Of Yoga With Pregnant Women

Can prevent your hands and feet from slipping.
Blankets: Blankets are spread out to make pregnant women more comfortable when performing some positions.– Wooden or plastic ruler: If you cannot reach your toes, you can use a ruler to bridge the distance from your hands and toes foot.
Ropes, belts: Ropes can be used just like a ruler. If you can't keep your legs close together in one position, you can wrap them up and pull them together.
Comfortable clothes: You need to wear really comfortable clothes so you don't have to constantly revamp your outfit. Buy cotton clothes that will fit and be comfortable.
8 simple yoga movements for pregnant women
Table Pose
Helping the spine aligned, avoiding diseases related to bone degeneration
Abdominal stretching aids labor
Place 2 hands and 2 knees perpendicular to the floor, spread about shoulder width
Then straighten 1 leg and 1 hand in opposite directions, back straight, head aligned with spine
Hold the pose for 20 seconds to 1 minute
Table posture
Downward Facing Dog Against a Wall (Downward Facing Dog Against a Wall)
Stretching the spine, buttocks, calves
Reduce stress, increase vitality for the body
Prevent osteoporosis and improve digestion
Contraindicated for pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy
Kneel down on both hands and feet, knees as wide as hips
Using the force of your arms, slowly push yourself up, your legs straighten
Then gradually move your hands forward, pulling your legs back to stretch your body
Dog face down
Goddess Pose (Godness Pose)
Increase the strength of the lower body, improve body balance
Help the digestive system work effectively, detoxify the body
Reduce stress, give a good night's sleep
Stand up straight, relax, spread your legs wide to the width of your thighs
Your feet are parallel, your toes facing forward, then your left foot to the right and the right foot to the left at a 45 degree angle
Bend your knees and lower your thighs, head to the ceiling and look straight ahead
Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute
Goddess posture
Cat and Cow (Cat / Cow Pose)
Movement helps increase flexibility, reduce stress, pain for the spine
Helps shoulders and wrists stronger
Relaxing the mind and better blood circulation
Contraindicated for people with neck problems
Do crawl movements, hands under shoulders, feet under hips.

Great Benefits Of Yoga With Pregnant Women

Inhale and push your pelvis back and lower, eyes facing the ceiling.
When you exhale, keep your head between your shoulders and roll your back until your head is closer to your belly button.
Repeat this movement 3 times.
Cat / Cow posture
Warrior Pose (Warrior)
Improve the flexibility of the body
Helps blood circulate throughout the body
Increase muscle endurance and improve body balance
Good posture for the legs helps to expand the hips
Spread your arms wide to both sides, parallel to your shoulders
One leg flexes to form a 90 degree angle, the other leg outstretched
Warrior Pose (Warrior)
Bridge Pose (Bridge Pose)
Promote thyroid health
Relieve back pain, neck pain and good for elbow removal
Helps to tone the buttocks
How to do:
Lie down in a preventive position, hands on hip.

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