Guava Benefits For Health

Guava is a delicious fruit, packed with healthy nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, copper and manganese. In addition, guava is also on the list of super foods. Eat guava for the following benefits:
1. Preventing cancer
Guava is an excellent food source that provides lycopene and antioxidants against cancer. The lycopene in guava is absorbed by our body more easily than tomatoes because of the difference in cell structure, allowing antioxidants to be absorbed easily whether cooked or eaten raw. .

The amount of lycopene in guava is important in reducing the incidence of prostate cancer and curbing the growth of breast cancer cells.
Lycopene helps our bodies stay healthy by countering the effects of free radicals, which can harm cells that cause cancer and heart disease to develop

All guavas contain antioxidants, but guavas with a red flesh will contain more antioxidants than guavas with white flesh.

Guava Benefits For Health

2. Treatment of high blood pressure
Guava contains natural hypoglycemic (if eaten without skin) and is rich in fiber. They have the effect of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, guava is very helpful for those at risk of heart disease and hypertension.
In addition, a guava weighing 165g can provide about 20% of the daily amount of potassium for the body.
Scientific studies have shown that people who consume more potassium will have lower blood pressure index than those who consume less potassium.
Treatment of diarrhea
Guava has the effect of treating diarrhea very well because it has astringent properties (chemical compounds tend to shrink other components in the body).

Guava Benefits For Health

In addition, the alkaline compound in guava has the ability to prevent and prevent bacteria growth during dysentery.
In addition, guava contains carotenoids, vitamin C and potassium that support the healing of cases of gastritis.

4. Treating cough and cold

A decoction of guava leaves or the juice of raw guava can reduce coughs and colds because guava juice contains astringents.
Guava juice will reduce the cough, runny nose, and help to prevent the respiratory tract, throat and lungs from being affected. Guava is rich in vitamin C and iron which helps the body fight colds and viral infections.

5. Skin care

The astringent of guava will balance the texture of the skin and tighten the scratched area.

Guava Benefits For Health

In fact, guava works more effectively than skin care products on the market. A decoction of raw juice from raw leaves or guava can be applied to the skin to treat and tighten the skin.
In addition, guava contains many vitamins A, vitamin C and potassium which act as antioxidants to help skin healthy and reduce wrinkles.
6. Prevention of constipation

Because guava contains a lot of fiber, it can prevent constipation. A medium-sized guava can provide 36% of your daily fiber intake. Guava seeds also work effectively in the laxative and cleansing the intestinal system.

Guava Benefits For Health

Treatment of diabetes
Scientific studies by the University of Allahabad (India) on white mice show that guava leaves and guava have the ability to reduce blood glucose levels.
However, eating guava skin is not good for your blood sugar. The best way to eat guava to treat diabetes is to peel it off.

8. Help with weight loss
Guava is a food that can help you lose weight because guava is rich in fiber, protein and vitamins. This means that those who want to lose weight do not have to worry about the amount of nutrients absorbed into the body is deficient when eating guava.
Guava is cholesterol-free and low in carbohydrates can give you a feeling of fullness. Eating a medium-sized guava at lunch will provide your body with enough nutrients until the evening.

Guava Benefits For Health

9. Treatment of Scurvy disease (disease due to vitamin C deficiency)
The amount of vitamin C in regular guava (white guava) is 4 times higher than ripe oranges, so eating guava is an effective treatment for Scurvy disease.

10. Dental care
Guava leaf juice contains astringents and vitamins that can treat toothache and gum ulcers in the mouth very well..

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