Handling The Harmful Effects Of Staying Awake – Sleeping On Euro Days

The tips below will help you stay healthy and awake even after spending the night awake with the ball.
Eyes care

At night, our eyes become dry and sensitive, the facial muscles and around the eyes are tight due to overwork. To improve that, use eye drops to moisturize the eyes and work hard to apply a simple mask with cucumber. Just cut two thin slices of melon and apply on the eyes for about 15 minutes, then they wash the face with warm water and gently massage the areas around the eyes to soothe the muscles in these areas. The best time for eye care is between 22 and 23 hours


Supplying calcium to the body

At about 2 am every day, our body loses a certain amount of calcium. When you are awake, this process will be further accelerated. So, give your body a calcium dose of 100-150mg at that time

You can eat cheese, drink a glass of milk to improve your health.

Handling The Harmful Effects Of Staying Awake - Sleeping On Euro Days

In addition, you should also avoid iron-rich foods like spinach, eggs, seaweed ... right now because they can prevent the absorption of calcium in the body.

Vitamin B - The savior of the night

When you plan on going to the night, you should get plenty of B vitamins. They help stimulate brain cells, support memory protection. Normally, to absorb vitamin B, the body needs 4 to 5 hours

Ideally, you should visit your doctor to determine how much vitamin B you need to supplement daily!

Say no to coffee

Tea and coffee are two favorite drinks to increase the likelihood of staying up late.

Handling The Harmful Effects Of Staying Awake - Sleeping On Euro Days

It's undeniable that coffee helps wake up quickly but it can paralyze the nervous system and hormonal disorders that make health worse. Based on the conclusion of a research group from Oxford University, drinking a cup of coffee in the evening will increase blood flow in the body continuously for 12 hours. For those who regularly drink coffee at night, the risk of stroke due to high blood pressure than others.

Always moving
If you feel tired and sleepy, get up and do some simple exercise. When the body is heated, it will help dispel fatigue and joint diseases caused by sitting a lot.

Drink a lot of water

If you are tired, you will think of overexertion or lack of substance. However, this can also occur due to dehydration. Dehydration results in a significant loss of electrolytes (mainly potassium, calcium, iodine, iron) and many vitamins.

Handling The Harmful Effects Of Staying Awake - Sleeping On Euro Days

When the body loses 5% of water, many parts of the body are affected, the reflexes and coordination of movements decrease, less accurate, the body becomes tired, difficult to concentrate, easy to fall asleep ... So take a sip of water every 20 minutes when you stay up late.

Go to bed before the opening time

Take a nap, take a nap before G or take a deep nap the evening before 12 hours. At that time, you will not feel headache, fatigue because the body has been ‘fully charged’ before that!
(According to Afamily).

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