Headache – Not A Joke

Because the disease is so common, the headache medicine is so easy to buy, so people are subjective. This is the alarm.
Five, seven headache lines
First of all, headache is not a disease but a symptom that appears in so many conditions, from the common cold to cancer in the brain. Taking pain medication is of course a must because it is not possible to embrace your head!
But that's just a firefighting method. Want to treat headaches so that the pain comes, sometimes, if there is, do not abuse the victim too much and especially do not leave serious sequelae, the physician is required to search for the cause

. next time the regimen is as comprehensive as possible.
Thus, whether it is a headache due to vasomotor dysfunction, or as a result of a superinfection somewhere, or much more severe with a first-person attack due to increased intraocular pressure, painkillers cannot simply be solution.
That's why the physician in Germany - where there is definitely no shortage of headache medicine - advises patients to prefer non-drug therapies, rather than abetting body poisoning with synthetic chemicals and drugs
Headaches are sold freely!
Do not use drugs as advertised
Next, if you must take medicine, don't forget an important rule.

Headache - Not A Joke

It's a headache medicine if you want to have the optimal effect and minimum side effects should be applied in high doses but only once a day.
Even more clever is the use of a combination of many active ingredients such as acetylsalicylate + ibuprofen + caffeine, instead of using toxic drugs. If using the right dose of medication without relieving headaches, seek medical advice. The use of drugs many times a day at low doses, according to the results of many studies, did not help the patients. The cumulative effect if any is just a side effect!
You must immediately go to the nearest physician if the headache occurs almost every day and comes with the following 11 symptoms: Stroke; The feeling of numbness in half; Vision disorders or live tears; Dizziness despite not changing posture; Lost memory; Seizures; Tendency occurs when exertion; Intense intensity has never been before; Fever lasts more than 24 hours; Injury though not in the head area; The condition did not improve within 12 hours despite taking pain medication
Do not carry a stick on your back
After all, but extremely important, is a chronic headache, not less than 10 days a month but not due to a serious illness but because of dependence on headache medicine.
That is the case that has been clearly recorded in those who are familiar with the drug when they have just had a headache, instead of choosing non-drug methods such as relaxation, hot compresses, massage, sauna, acupuncture .

Headache - Not A Joke

with doses. low but many times a day.
With the number of victims who are also the culprits, whenever the drug runs out, the headache with increasing frequency makes patients increasingly need to use drugs more often. Is it worth it to pay such a high price for a headache?
It is true that it is not necessary to knock on the physician's door if the common cold forms. But the disease cannot be "normal" if the melon lasts for a few days, or worse, if the disease knocks at the door too often.
Headaches are the same. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment is always a less risky solution. If the physician is wrong for many years when he is ill, why is the headache easy to treat with "horizontal hand"?.

Headache - Not A Joke

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