Headache – Painkillers Are Not The Solution

You suffered stress from work and didn't get enough sleep last night, resulting in you having a terrible headache. So what do you do?
Nothing hard, just a Panadol or Tylenol tablet seems to improve the situation, the headache disappears, life is full of colors.
The next day, when you wake up, suddenly you feel headache again, this time the pain is not as intense as yesterday but it keeps coming back. Again playing the old game, the medicine was bought yesterday already, what crime does not drink to prevent the pain before they become even more "cruel".
But life is not as easy as it seems

. When you do that, you "brave" the "pain receptors" that "send" information between brain cells.
This also means that your headache is still "eating hunched" there, but because the brain has been "disconnected" so it makes you no longer feel pain. It also means that instead of finding the cause of a headache to treat, you are only treating the symptoms of a headache

In addition, Tylenol or Panadol (brand name of paracetamol) is not as gentle as it seems.

Headache - Painkillers Are Not The Solution

A statistic from Australia shows that when using paracetamol, only 16% of users read the label carefully; About 44% have read the label and know they are taking the recommended dose but still accept it to "eat well enough" with pain.
If you get a headache more than 2 times a day, you probably have a problem. Indiscriminate use of painkillers only increases your chances of getting stuck with the rebound effect and makes the headaches no more.
When you use the same pain medicine for a long time, your body will become addicted to the drug. What happens when a painkiller gets "kung fu"?
You will be more brutally tortured by a headache and make you want to take more and more drugs and create a vicious circle.
Not to say these things to convince you not to go into painkillers. Undeniably their merits, however, do not let them become an integral part of your daily life

One thing to say if it is considered redundant: always read the instructions carefully before use.

Headache - Painkillers Are Not The Solution

Many medicines, although used for different purposes, have the same active ingredient.
Therefore, using these drugs at the same time will increase the content of the same active ingredients present in two different drugs and will increase the toxicity.
The best example is Tylenol, a headache treatment containing paracetamol, and some other cold medicines also contain paracetamol.
If the diet is not appropriate, eating erratically, borrowing alcohol to relieve melancholy ... it will increase the ability to destroy your fragile liver.
The "annoying" thing is that when the liver is destroyed at an early stage, the symptoms encountered are very similar to the flu and the more you use the more anti-influenza medications and the more it makes the liver "lethargic".

Headache - Painkillers Are Not The Solution

If you experience a reversal headache when using painkillers, the only thing you can do to reverse the situation is ... stop all pain medications and replace them with natural remedies. other.
These natural therapies have been used for a long time and sometimes are faster and more effective than pain relievers. These therapies include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, yoga ..

Headache - Painkillers Are Not The Solution

Treating the headaches in the right way will save you money on the pain medications that often cause ... "headaches" in your pocket..

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