Healthy Nails, Beautiful Nails

Each part of the body has its own signs to tell us about potential health problems.
Nails are one of the places where the body's vitamin deficiency is most evident. Here are some signs on the nail to help you identify the body is lacking in vitamins to replenish promptly to help the nails stay healthy, creative and beautiful nail art samples this summer.
What does beautiful nails say?
Thin nails with white spots: If your nails show signs of being thin and have small white spots, that is your body is demanding a higher amount of zinc.
Zinc deficiency can also cause hair loss and other health problems, so try to include foods that are high in zinc

You can supplement natural zinc with foods: vegetables, beans, mushrooms, cereals, yeast, oysters, peanuts, liver, etc.
"Wavy" foundation surface:
The surface of the nail has vertical stripes that often interfere with any nail art design as they will more clearly show the appearance of "waves" on your nails.

The lack of vitamin B and iron deficiency can cause the appearance of protrusions that form "waves" on the nail

Therefore, you need to increase the amount of vitamin B and iron in your daily meals.

Healthy Nails, Beautiful Nails

Foods that can help you solve problems like: liver, fish oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, paprika, red peppers ...
Brittle nails: Brittle and weak nails are definitely a sign of a deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin B, so a vitamin supplement is essential to protect the nails as well as the rest of the body. .
Weak nails can flake easily, so try to prevent that by adding all the vitamins.
Skin around the nail flaking: Sometimes the skin around the nail is dry and begins to flake, which will cause you a lot of discomfort

However, this is an indication that you are not moisturizing properly and your body is deficient in folic acid, so you need to include the following foods in your diet: rice, vegetables, oranges, guavas, grains, lentils, legumes and nuts.

Healthy Nails, Beautiful Nails

Deformed nails: Deformed nails will certainly be very unsightly, so you should try to protect your nails to be straight and healthy.
If the nail naturally deforms over time without any external influences or fungal invasion, then you probably have a vitamin C deficiency.
Vitamin C enhances the overall health of the body, so make sure you get plenty of vitamin C: oranges, guavas, green peppers, red peppers, kiwis, Brussels sprouts, yellow melon, etc.
The best way to take vitamins is to use vitamin-rich foods, but if you're still not consuming enough vitamins, you can supplement by taking vitamins, but must Follow the instructions of a doctor.
How to protect the nail?
Should cut nails straight: Dermatologists recommend that you cut your nails in a straight line, cut in curves or sharp corners at the top will weaken the structure of the nail, making it more likely to break or be broken. more split. In addition, you should cut your nails after bathing because your nails are softer and less vulnerable.

Cuticles should not be cut at the edge of the nail: Cutting the skin in this area can make the nail look neat and beautiful for a few days, but when the skin grows back, it will look very rough.

Healthy Nails, Beautiful Nails

In addition, removing the cuticle can cause bacteria to attack the nail because the skin at the edge of the nail is the protective layer to prevent bacteria from entering the nail.
Do not cut and file the nail too closely:
File or nail clippers excessively can make them look like they are gnawing. You may want your nails to be a bit long (about 2mm) to cover the top of your finger.
With such length, they will not interfere with daily activities but still retain the necessary beauty.
Should polish your nails: You don't need to paint your nails to get a sleek look. Instead, use a two-sided file.
First, gently remove the rough edges with the rough side of the file, then continue using the smooth side to create a shine for your nails.
However, you should only polish once a week, because doing too much will make the nail weak because it's too thin.

Healthy Nails, Beautiful Nails

Do not use lotion regularly: Some lotions, though mild but still contain alcohol, make nails and cuticles become dry, rough.
Use a moisturizer on the cuticle around the nail to keep the nails moist and the surrounding skin looking better.
Apply one drop of each nail every morning and night before sleeping, gently massaging the nail and surrounding skin, then wait about 1 minute for the oil to penetrate the nail and wipe off excess oil.
Do not peel off the nail polish: If you no longer like your old nail polish, wash it off with acetone-free nail polish remover.
The nail polish will peel off after a while, which makes us want to remove it by hand, but doing so will cause the nail to gradually lose its natural shine.
Always wear gloves when doing housework: Detergents make nails dry and brittle. Wearing gloves not only protects your nails but also protects your hands from toxic chemicals.

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