Hearing Screening For Babies

Hearing loss may occur in one or both ears. Children with hearing loss or hearing loss face many difficulties in communication, both verbally and verbally, with increased behavioral disorders. Early screening, detection and timely treatment bring very practical benefits to children and families.
What is postpartum hearing screening?
Hearing loss screening is a method of using a cochlear implant (OAE) for newborns, which is a valuable way to evaluate cochlear function.
The cochlear sound measurement method does not affect a child's hearing or ear health, and is completely painless

When should a hearing test for babies after birth?
In the period after 24 hours to 72 hours after birth for normal newborns.
Some say that after 2 days, the second measurement rate drops to 5 - 6% compared to 11% after 1 day of age.
Newborn hearing screening should be conducted no later than 1 month after birth, a definite diagnosis within 3 months of birth and an intervention (if the baby has a hearing loss) within 6 months after birth

Newborn hearing screening should be conducted no later than 1 month after birth
7 causes of hearing loss after birth
Mother pathological during pregnancy
Mothers with certain medical conditions and infections during pregnancy: infection with cytomegalovirus, rubella (rubella), syphilis, herpes, toxoplasmosis (cat scratch disease) have a higher risk of hearing loss than other children.

Hearing Screening For Babies

Family history of ill people
Family members and caregivers who have hearing, speech, language or developmental problems are more likely to be born with hearing loss than other children.
Mother was exposed or used the drug during pregnancy
Mothers who have been exposed to or used medications, such as strong antibiotics that treat infections with the aminoglycosides group (gentamycin, kanamycin) for more than 5 days, anti-cancer chemotherapy, or toxic chemicals that can cause affect hearing.
Premature or low birth weight
Premature babies or low birth weight (birth weight less than 1500g) have signs of postpartum respiratory failure, and prolonged ventilation support affects the baby's hearing.
Children with jaundice due to increased bilirubin, meningitis, infants with low postpartum Apgar index abnormalities in the head, face, abnormal structure of the outer and middle ear.
Postpartum Apgar index is low
Very weak babies at birth, having an Apgar score of 0-3 points in 5 minutes or those who do not breathe on their own for 10 minutes also pose a risk of hearing loss in newborns.
Other unusual risks
High blood bilirubin at the right threshold indicates blood replacement

Purulent meningitis, encephalitis.

Hearing Screening For Babies

Children with infections that cause hearing loss such as mumps and measles.
Special head injuries with vertical and horizontal fractures of the temporal bone
Craniofacial abnormalities include the morphological abnormalities of the ears, ear canal, absence of nuclei, low hairline.
Structural abnormalities in the head, face, abnormal structure of the outer and middle ear.
The risk factors from infancy are associated with hearing loss (CMV, mechanical ventilation lasts 10 days or more and genetic diseases).
There are signs or symptoms associated with hearing loss syndrome such as Waardenburg or Usher syndrome.
Children with neurodegenerative diseases such as neuromas, epilepsy, Friedreich’s ataxia, Huntington’s chorea, Werding-Hoffmann, Charcot-Marie-Tooth.
However, even children who do not have these risk factors are still at risk for hearing loss, so the screening program should be applied to all newborns before leaving the hospital.
Manifestations of suspicion of hearing impairment
Children who do not have the following speech development needs attention to hearing
The period from birth to 3 months of age
Startle or cry when hearing loud noises
Seems to be listening to the voice
Make a sound like "oh .

Hearing Screening For Babies

.. oh"
The period of 3 - 6 months old
Wake up when suddenly heard noise
Recognize familiar voices
Likes rattles or other toys that make a sound
Watch your eyes with sound
Began babbling talk practice
From 6 to 9 months old
Turn your head toward the sound
Begin to imitate the speech sounds, babies babble different sounds "three - three", etc.
There is a response to the name
The period of 9-12 months old
Repeat simple words and sounds
Reacting to singing or music
Correctly call the word "mother" or "father"
In addition, if the baby shows the following symptoms, the mother may also note about the child's hearing ability:
No signs of speech progression or speech delay
Child complains of earache (may be caused by otitis media)
Children do not recognize or have difficulty recognizing where sounds are coming from
The child talks too softly or too loudly
Children turn on the TV or turn on the music player too loud
Children show difficulties in communication or in learning
Children do not recognize or have difficulty recognizing where sounds are coming from
These signs do not necessarily mean that the child is deaf but if he or she has one or more of the above, it is necessary for the child to see a doctor..

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