Hidden Testicles – Pathology Common In Boys

Testicular testicles, also known as undescended or absent testes. This is an unusual phenomenon for boys, especially newly born babies, the testes (one or both sides) are not in the scrotum.
What is hidden testicle disease?
Usually, the testes are located in the scrotum. When the testicles are not in the scrotum but in other positions such as shallow inguinal hole, deep inguinal hole or inside the abdomen, it is called hidden testicle.
This is a fairly common pathology in boys

. The disease has the rate of 3% in babies born full term, 30% in premature babies.
This pathology should be detected as soon as possible after birth, closely monitored and indicated for treatment at the right time necessary for the testes to reproduce, endocrine and avoid the risk of future cancer.
Hidden testicles are different from ectopic testicles
The scrotum located outside the scrotum can be located anywhere like the pubic area, groin, groin, pelvic floor due to being pulled out of the normal way while moving

The hidden testes are located on the moving path as in the embryonic stage, possibly in the abdominal cavity, groin, groin, on scrotum .

Hidden Testicles - Pathology Common In Boys

It should be noted that people with hidden testes may have other malformations, especially for the two-sided hidden can have sex chromosomal disorders, androgynous or comorbidities. forms in the urinary tract such as low urinary defects, hypogonadism ...
Illustration of some stray testicle locations
How to detect hidden testes, identification signs
Testicular testicles may be either bilateral or bilateral

Parents can easily spot when seeing an unbalanced scrotum:
One side looks normal and one side is small or collapsed (hidden testicles on one side) or both small, collapsed scrotum;
When touching the scrotum do not see enough two testicles;
Manipulating the scrotum will not see the testicles on either or both sides;
The testicle can be seen in the inguinal canal.

Hidden Testicles - Pathology Common In Boys

There are cases where the testicles are in the scrotum, sometimes constricted on the inguinal canal. At examination, the testicle is pushed down to the scrotum with fingers, but the testicle is pulled up high, outside the scrotum.
With the above detection, the disease can be identified. The disease can be detected immediately after giving birth and set up a monitoring and treatment plan.
However, if in doubt parents should take the baby to specialized medical facilities for a more accurate diagnosis.
Parents should have their child tested if they are unsure about the child's condition
Testicular testicles late treatment, high infertility rate
Normally, the scrotum has a lower temperature than the body. When hidden in the abdomen, the body's high temperature prevents the testes from developing and reduces the number of germ cells in the sperm. If a boy has a hidden testicle and the testicular position in the groin will have a normal sperm count.

Hidden Testicles - Pathology Common In Boys

If a boy has 2 hidden testicles and an inguinal testicle, he can cause infertility. Patients after 5 years of age without surgery, the infertility rate is as high as 75%. In addition, testicular hidden danger when not detected and treated early may occur the following complications:
Testicular torsion: Because it is not fixed in the scrotum well, hidden testes are at a very common risk. Symptoms are sudden swelling of the groin area inside the testicle. The skin in the scrotum is dark or pale, losing wrinkles. Without examination and emergency surgery within 3 hours, the testes will be necrotic.
Melanoma: In addition, if the testicle hidden in the abdominal cavity is detected late, no surgery may smoldly develop into melanoma. This rate is 22 - 40 times higher than normal children.

Hidden Testicles - Pathology Common In Boys

Therefore, it is necessary to detect hidden testes for proper treatment.
Illustration of twisted testes
Hidden testicles: Should surgery at any age?
Under the age of 1 year: If the testicle has not descended into the scrotum but palpation is seen in the groin, low towards the scrotum, additional monitoring is required, in some cases the testicle will descend into the scrotum when the child reaches 1 year of age. If after 1 year of age the testes have not yet descended into the scrotum, they should be treated for medication and ready for surgery early. If you don't see the testicles in the groin, if you can see the testicles in the abdominal cavity, surgery should be done early in the last months of the first year.
At the age of over 1 year: Most patients come to visit at the age of over 1 year. The best surgery is from 1 to 2 years old. Depending on the circumstances the doctor appoints treatment. Treatment with hormonal drugs first, if there is no new surgical results or surgery right to bring the testicles down to the scrotum.

Hidden Testicles - Pathology Common In Boys

Care before and after hidden testicular surgery
Before the surgery: Every day, the family needs to closely monitor the progress of the child because there are many abnormal complications that can occur such as twisted testicles or choking hernia. If the baby abruptly cries, swells, hurts, or has a red testicle on the side of the testicle, he must be taken to the health facility for medical examination as soon as possible.
After surgery: The family should monitor the testicle size and then bring it down to the scrotum at a smaller or larger size. It is necessary to comply with the doctor's instructions and to have the baby re-examined for re-evaluation by a specialist, for proper guidance, monitoring or diagnosis and appropriate treatment./..

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