Hong Ngoc Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

On 3/6, Hopital Hospital has successfully operated a case of otitis media with 27-month-old Cholesteatoma. This is one of the youngest patients received by the Otolaryngology Department.
Cholesteatoma with otitis media is rare in young children
Cholesteatoma originates from the "stray" of some skin epithelial components "going" into the middle ear position, behind the eardrum. It can also be congenital or recurrent middle ear infections.
Cholesteatoma middle ear infection is a condition in which a patient has chronic otitis media and also develops Cholesteatoma mass.
If Cholesteatoma is not detected and treated promptly, it will cause serious complications because they have the ability to corrode, destroy the sub-bone component in the middle ear, affect the function of hearing - speaking even causing deafness or damage to nerves VII causes facial paralysis. More dangerous are intracranial complications such as meningitis.
According to Dr

Saing Pisy, Specialist in Ear, Nose, and Throat Hopital Hospital, said: “Otitis media is very common, but Cholesteatoma middle ear inflammation is quite rare among children.

Hopital Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

Children with otitis media with Cholesteatoma should be closely monitored in combination with treatment according to the roadmap and choosing appropriate and timely surgery time ”.
Successful surgery of a middle ear infection with Cholesteatoma 27 months old
Luu Ba Ky, born on February 7, 2018, is one of the youngest patients to be received and treated by the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (Hopital Hospital) with a rare condition: otitis media. have Cholesteatoma.
According to the baby's family, since 4 months of age, Ba Ky has frequently been examined by ear-nose-throat-related diseases such as acute rhinitis, acute acute VA inflammation, especially repeated middle ear infections. repeated many times.
In mid-August 2019, during the procedure for the baby's left ear endoscopy, the doctor found that in the ear canal, in the upper corner position there was an abnormal small white dot suspected to be Cholesteatoma mass and appointed for further monitoring.

Laparoscopy images of Luu Ba Ky in August 2019
In early February 2020, the endoscopist determined that the Cholesteatoma block was getting bigger and bigger, accounting for ¼ left eardrum, requiring periodic examination combined with close monitoring.

Hopital Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

Photos endoscopy of baby's ear Luu Ba Ky in February 2020
In early June 2020, when Ba Ky was over 27 months old, she began to show symptoms of tinnitus, left ear pain, hearing loss, fever. Through endoscopy, the doctor diagnosed the condition of otitis media with Cholesteatoma occupying nearly half of the left eardrum and ordered surgery to open the left ear canal, remove Cholesteatoma. In addition, too many examinations found children with hyperinfection.
As a person who has been examining and monitoring the health of the ear, nose, and throat for Ky baby from the first days, Dr. Saing Pisy said: “In the case of a 27-month-old child, this Cholesteatoma mass is not clear. It can be caused by recurrent otitis media, or it can be congenital because the expression layer moves from the ear atrium into the ear canal. Children often suffer from ear-nose-throat-related diseases, especially the relapse of otitis media that is recurrently associated with Cholesteatoma mass, if not detected and treated promptly, the consequences are unpredictable. We have tracked and determined the most appropriate time, appointed laparoscopic surgery to remove Cholesteatoma.

Hopital Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

“Children are only 27 months old, small surgery (small surgical scope) requires not only modern surgical equipment but also every operation we must be very careful, meticulous. Because the wrong operation can cause serious complications such as facial paralysis due to nerve injury VII or if surgery is missed even a small amount of epithelium also causes the disease to recur. ear infection is worse. ”
Ms. Pham Ngoc Tu, when receiving the surgery for her child, was a mother she could not help worrying about because the baby was too young. However, she also did not hide her belief: “My baby has been following Dr. Pisy for a few months now, I see that you are a caring person, very careful so you have to be examined and operated by your doctor. very reassuring.

Hopital Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

On 3/6/2020, laparoscopic surgery to remove Cholesteatoma for pediatric patients 27 months Luu Ba Ky took place in 1 hour and 15 minutes by Dr. Saing Pisy - Master of Ear, Nose and Throat Hopital Hospital. The leader of the crew finished smoothly. After 30 minutes of surgery, the patient regained consciousness in a good clinical state, no vomiting, no dizziness, good facial muscles, was able to drink milk, eat porridge diluted.
Seeing Tu again after a day of surgery, having fun playing with her children, she warmly said: “The whole family has just called and asked me to watch him play and dance. I was also surprised to ask if I had surgery. You eat and drink, naughty you can't stop anymore. ”
Luu Ba Ky had fun with his mother after the surgery
Luu Ba Ky - the miracle baby of the family
True to the lovely name that parents give, Liu Bei baby is a miracle.

Hopital Hospital Successfully Operated For A 27 Month Old Baby With Rare Otitis Media With Cholesteatoma

He came to his family in mid-2017, when his mother was in the process of monitoring and treating uterine fibroids at Ho Hospital..

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