Hope For People With Pancreatic Cancer

So far, the name hydrochloroquin is often thought of as a classic, inexpensive antimalarial drug. But recently, a study by US scientists has come to a conclusion: Hydrochloroquin can slow pancreatic cancer.
The autophagy, which is usually present in cells, is low, but it also has certain benefits. This process allows the cell to break down, eliminating protein itself when the cell is worn down or damaged. This process is also a way to help cells maintain life

When food is scarce, cells break down their unimportant proteins and eat them back. Cancer cells also have the process of self-digestion like normal cells.
In severe therapeutic conditions, they activate the process of self-digestion, break down their own proteins and eat them up to fight and sustain life

There are two ways to get cancer cells to die: either by using a substance that inhibits the process of self-digestion, that is, breaking the cancer cell's defenses, or further promoting self-activation.

Hope For People With Pancreatic Cancer

Sequence sequencing makes this process harmful.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists led by Professor, Dr. Alec Kimmelman created three models of mouse pancreatic cancer.
The first model attaches pancreatic cancer cell nucleus to mouse skin, the second model injects pancreatic cancer cell nuclei right into the mouse pancreas, the third model develops congenital pancreatic cancer tumors ( due to genetics).
The most striking feature of the pancreatic cancer cells that they observe is that they activate the process of self-digestion even when living in normal conditions (not yet treated by harsh treatments). enough nutrition).

Try treating 3 models of pancreatic cancer with hydrochloroquin

And the result was surprising: Hydrochloroquin inhibits the activation of the process of self-digestion of cancer cells, which means they break down the process of fighting and maintaining their life.

Hope For People With Pancreatic Cancer

Of the three models of pancreatic cancer, model 1 appears to be more sensitive to hydrochloroquin. All mice not treated with hydrochloroquin died within 140 days while all mice treated with hydrochloroquin died after 180 days.
This means that hydrochloroquin retards disease development, prolonging life by 40 days (equivalent to 28.5%). The pancreatic cancer models 2 and 3 respond to weaker hydrochloroquin, especially in model 3.
In model 3, the pancreatic cancer cells are surrounded by other hardening tissues, hardly allowing the drug to penetrate to work. However, although not as responsive as in model 1, at model 3 hydrochloroquin still achieved a significant effect, extending the life of the mouse 27 days.

Hope For People With Pancreatic Cancer

Kimmelman and specialist Dr. Brian Wolpin have begun experimenting on 36 patients and hope to improve the treatment to get better results.
According to them, pancreatic cancer is often difficult to respond to drugs including the latest drugs, so it is necessary to use radiation to increase the self-activation of the process of self-digestion and combine with hydrochloroquin to inhibit the process of self-digestion of cells. pancreatic cancer is the expected effect. Understandably, hydrochloroquin will be used when pancreatic cancer is active.
Can the classic, easy-to-find, cheap anti-malaria drug hydrochloroquin really help people fight pancreatic cancer? Stay calm and wait, waiting for these pretty simple yet unique experiments..

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