Hot Mineral Water, Unexpected Uses

Hot mineral water is a precious natural resource that nature bestows upon people. In our country, many sources of hot mineral water have been discovered and exploited to create health resorts. The effect of hot mineral water like, and good use with any pathology is not known.
The healing effect of hot mineral water is the combined effect of three physical therapies, namely: hydrotherapy, heat therapy and mineral therapy.
This is a water therapy that has been used by humans since ancient times

. Today hydrotherapy is used in the physiotherapy department and mineral spring nursing areas.
There are different forms of hydrotherapy: body soaking, full-body bath, static pool or wave tub, wet blanket, soaking in water bags, mud baths, rain showers, jet showers pressure water, steam shower, steam bath, dry sauna.
Hydrotherapy measures to facilitate joint movement, reducing the necessary amount of muscle contraction
Good for people with chronic arthritis, people with polio or muscle weakness due to neuropathy, helps restore joint, muscle and nerve function.

Hot Mineral Water, Unexpected Uses

Hydrotherapy enhances blood circulation, due to the changing pressure of water, facilitating the return of blood from the venous system to the heart. Good for people after a long time of immobilization, people with reduced exercise, people with physical weakness after acute and chronic illnesses, during convalescence.
Hydrotherapy helps to restore respiratory and cardiovascular function, thanks to the effect of increasing blood circulation, increasing respiration, beneficial for people with asthma, chronic obstructive bronchopulmonary disease, chronic heart and lung disease, older people. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for digestion, stimulating the activity of the digestive system, making patients feel hungry faster and eat better.
In addition, hydrotherapy also affects the nervous system, both peripheral and central nerves due to water pressure on the skin causing relaxation, stress reduction, easy to fall asleep and deep sleep.
Heat therapy
Is due to the hot effect of water. The forms of using heat therapy include: heating a body part such as heating up with heat transfer intermediates, soaking in hot tubs, covering with hot water bags

Warm up your whole body like a hot tub, hot tub, or steam bath.

Hot Mineral Water, Unexpected Uses

Hot mud baths can be hot mineral mud or hot organic mud.

When under the influence of heat, the heat-affected body area will heat up, dilate capillaries, enhance blood circulation, increase vascular permeability, increase metabolism, increase metabolism, Tissue nutrition is enhanced, promotes organizational regeneration and reduces inflammation.
Increasing tissue temperature has the effect of strengthening the protection process, increasing healing and healing, reducing destruction, inflammation, and pain.

Therefore, the heat is good for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis around the shoulder, osteoarthritis diseases, peripheral neuropathy, enhances recovery in people with muscular weakness, Lack of muscle nutrition, as a result of prolonged lying, paralysis or paralysis due to neuropathy
It should be noted that if the hot bath for a long time with a high temperature can cause heat disorders, people with severe cardiovascular disease, people with hypertension, people with mental illness, should not take hot baths.
Mineral therapy
The effect of minerals in the mineral water is absorbed through the skin, has the effect of treating and promoting health. 60% of the body weight is water, this amount is distributed 80% inside the cell, 20% in the extracellular cavity (interstitial tissue and vascular tissue). Water in the body dissolves many minerals necessary for life.
There are minerals with high concentrations called electrolytes such as sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, bicarbonate .

Hot Mineral Water, Unexpected Uses

.., but there are many minerals that only have very low concentrations, but are indispensable, called Trace elements, such as iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine ...
Electrolytes and trace elements are provided daily through food and water. Depending on the food source and the geological region, electrolytes or trace elements may occur.

It is also possible that the daily supply is sufficient, but due to increased body demand due to labor, illness, climate, the lack of electrolytes or trace elements, affecting health, Iodine deficiency causes goiter, hypothyroidism, mental retardation, and dullness in children.

Hot Mineral Water, Unexpected Uses

Using natural mineral water is a form of mineral supplement and health promotion. There are forms of use such as bathing in mineral water, using bottled mineral water to drink.

Mineral waters in different geographical regions have different mineral compositions, such as sulfur-rich mineral water that works well for skin diseases.
Biarbonat mineral water works well for people with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic heart disease, people with gout, diabetes, chronic joints. Users should consult the mineral content of each mineral water source.

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