How Is The Fetus’ Sex Formed?

The sex of the fetus is something that every couple is interested in, but do you really understand how the sex of the fetus is formed? Let's find out.
Chromosomes determine the sex of the fetus
Chromosomes are thread-like molecules that carry genetic information from height to eye color. The chromosome is made up of a protein and a DNA molecule containing genetic instructions that are passed down from parents.
In humans most chromosomes are arranged in pairs in the nucleus of a cell, including 23 pairs of chromosomes including 22 pairs of normal chromosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes.
The sex chromosomes are called X and Y, the combination of these two chromosomes will determine a person's sex

Normally, women carry the XX chromosome while men carry the XY chromosome.
Sex chromosome
The process of forming the fetus sex like?
Whether a person has an XX or XY chromosome is determined starting from the moment when a sperm fertilizes an egg.
Unlike other body cells, the cells in an egg and sperm - called gametes or sex cells - have only one chromosome
The gametes are produced by meiosis cell division, resulting in the dividing cells having half the number of chromosomes as parent or precursor cells.

How Is The Fetus' Sex Formed?

In a human case, this means that the parent cell has two chromosomes and the gametes has one.
All gametes in the mother's egg have X chromosomes while the father's sperm contains half of the X chromosome and half of the Y chromosome. Therefore, sperm is a factor that changes in gender determination. count of the baby.
If sperm carries X chromosome combined with X chromosome egg will form female sex. When the female sex hormone estrogen affects the gene that differentiates the SRY testicle, the inborn genitals develop. Between the area of bipedal tissue will appear genital tubers and develop into the vagina

Conversely, if the Y chromosome sperm combines with the X chromosome egg to form a male sex.

How Is The Fetus' Sex Formed?

At the same time, the male sex hormone testosterone will be released to promote the formation of male genitalia.
Girls have XX chromosomes and boys have XY chromosomes
Genital development of the fetus
The sex of a baby is formed when conceived by the sex chromosome that gets from sperm but it takes some time for the genitals of the fetus to really grow.
The internal sexual organs - testes in boys, uterus and ovaries in girls - look the same until the 9th week of pregnancy.
The external genitalia - the penis and scrotum in boys, the clitoris and labia in girls - make no difference until about 11 weeks of pregnancy. And even then, it will take a few more weeks to easily see the difference between boys and girls on ultrasound.
The external genital area begins at a small bulge formed between the baby's legs at 6 weeks of pregnancy. At the same time, the internal genitalia is formed from a strip of tissue on each side of the baby's abdomen.
For boys
Week 9: Testicles begin to make and store sperm,
Week 12, the buds between the legs are elongated to form the penis.

How Is The Fetus' Sex Formed?

At the same time the scrotum (the area where the testicles are) formed from bulges located on either side of the developing penis.
Week 14: The urinary system is fully formed
Week 26: Testicle descends gradually
The last 3 months of pregnancy is the period when the fetal penis is most developed
For girls
For female sexes, the genital parts when developing will not have much fluctuation over time:
Week 12: The uterus and ovaries appear
Week 114: genital buds between the baby's legs have become clitoris and the bulges on the sides form the labia. The external genital area, called the vulva, is now complete.
Week 22: the ovaries are completely formed and move from the abdomen to the pelvis. This time the ovaries contain about 7 million eggs and will drop to 2 million eggs at birth
Genital development of the fetus
Methods of diagnosis of fetal sex
If the mother wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, the doctor can use different tests at different stages of pregnancy to diagnose the sex of the fetus:
Prenatal testing is not invasive
A non-invasive test (NIPT) used for chromosomal screening, can begin at week 10 of pregnancy. If the fetus has abnormal results, your doctor may order further tests to diagnose Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.
For this test, the pregnant woman will provide a blood sample, then check for the presence of DNA related to chromosomal disorder.
This test also gives a high accuracy rate when determining the sex of the fetus.

How Is The Fetus' Sex Formed?

Because this is a non-invasive test, taking a blood sample will not pose any risk to the mother or baby.
Sampling of chorionic villus (CVS)
Sampling of chorionic villi (CVS) is a di test.

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