How Long Does Hepatitis B Virus Live In Environments?

The hepatitis B virus can live in a lot of different environments for a long time. Specifically how will be in the article below!
Virus B activity
Hepatitis B may not work
Inactivated hepatitis B refers to those who carry the virus in the dormant state, which means the virus exists in the human body but temporarily "sleeps", with no activity affecting the body that carries them.
To determine whether a person with hepatitis B is inactive or not usually through the test results:
HBsAg positive lasts more than 6 months;
HBeAg (-), Anti Hbe (+);
Amount of HBV DNA virus;
Liver biopsy
Inactivated hepatitis B virus still spreads normally through its pathways and can be reactivated at any time. People identified as dormant hepatitis B should be monitored regularly to detect promptly when they become active again.
Illustration of the hepatitis B virus
Hepatitis B is active
There are two types of normal hepatitis B, acute hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis B

Symptoms of acute hepatitis B
About 30% -50% of people 5 years of age and older have acute hepatitis B symptoms, but most children under 5 years old and people with serious health problems, like immunosuppression, often have no symptoms. proof.
The symptoms of acute hepatitis B are usually:
Loss of appetite;
Dark urine;
Peristalsis colored clay;
Jaundice (yellow in the skin or eyes)

Symptoms of chronic hepatitis B
Most people with chronic hepatitis B do not have any symptoms.

How Long Does Hepatitis B Virus Live In Environments?

If symptoms appear, they are similar to symptoms of an acute infection, but may be a sign of advanced liver disease.
About 25% of children with chronic hepatitis B infection in childhood and about 15% of those who become chronically infected after childhood will eventually die of serious liver diseases such as cirrhosis or liver cancer as a complication of hepatitis B.
How long does the hepatitis B virus survive in the environment?
The hepatitis B virus can survive in dry blood outside the body for up to 7 days at 25 ° C. During that time, the virus is still capable of causing infection.
Hepatitis B incubation period
The incubation period (the time between the initial exposure to the virus and the onset of the disease) for hepatitis B is 60 to 150 days with symptoms starting around 90 days after exposure.
How is hepatitis B spread?
The hepatitis B virus is spread when infected blood, semen or other body fluids become infected with the hepatitis B virus through the following ways:
Transmission from mother to child during birth;
Having sex with an infected partner;
Sharing needles, syringes or drug preparation equipment;
Share items such as toothbrushes, razors, or medical devices such as glucose monitors with an infected person;
Direct contact with the blood or open sores of an infected person;
Contact with blood from needles or other sharp instruments of an infected person.
The hepatitis B virus is not spread by food or water, sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing or sneezing

Hepatitis B can be passed from mother to child during childbirth (both normal and caesarean)
Is the hepatitis B virus in saliva?
Blood is the main source of infection for the hepatitis B virus.

How Long Does Hepatitis B Virus Live In Environments?

It can also be found in other tissues and body fluids, but at much lower concentrations.
The saliva of people with hepatitis B may contain the hepatitis B virus but at very low concentrations compared to the blood. Injecting infected saliva can transmit the virus.
Therefore, a bite wound can also spread disease. There are no reports of people getting hepatitis B from normal oral contact, sharing equipment or mouthpieces.
Subjects need to be screened for hepatitis B virus
The CDC recommends hepatitis B testing for:
People born in countries with a hepatitis B infection rate of 2% or higher;
People who have not been vaccinated against hepatitis B, especially when born in areas with high rates of hepatitis B infection (HBsAg infection rate is ≥8%);
Persons who have sexual relations (heterosexual or homosexual) without knowing whether their sexual partners are ill or have been vaccinated or not;
People who inject drugs;
People with HIV;
Family or close contact with someone with hepatitis B;
People who need immunosuppressant treatment;
People with end-stage renal disease (including patients on dialysis);
People with hepatitis C;
People with elevated ALT levels;
Pregnant women;
Infants born to mothers with hepatitis B.
Blood tests help diagnose hepatitis B accurately
Some preventive measures against hepatitis B
Low-cost hepatitis B vaccine can provide reliable and lifelong protection from hepatitis B when injected before or immediately after exposure to the virus.
Tests show that 90-95% of people vaccinated have antibodies against the hepatitis B virus.

How Long Does Hepatitis B Virus Live In Environments?

Side effects of the injection are usually mild with soreness, minor swelling at the injection site.
People who are allergic to any component of the hepatitis B vaccine should not receive.

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