How To Exfoliate Safely And Effectively

Why should exfoliate?
In the human body, in addition to the hair system and the horny layer, only the skin has the ability to regenerate itself. Old cells on the surface of dead skin are the main cause of dark, rough skin, clogged pores, leading to blackheads, acne ... They need to be replaced by New cells formed from the dermis

However, the skin only has the ability to regenerate itself when you are still young. Since you reach the 25th threshold, the skin's horny layer will appear more and more clogging hair follicles, dull skin and face the risk of aging, no longer able to "repair" itself. That's when you need exfoliants

Just as important as sun protection, exfoliating is an indispensable step in the process of beautifying the skin, helping the process of skin regeneration faster by manipulating with specialized products to remove dead skin.

How To Exfoliate Safely And Effectively

, to get fresh, smooth skin.
After exfoliating, the skin will stimulate blood circulation, regenerate collagen, and promote elasticity. The skin becomes smooth, and most importantly, clean, well-ventilated because it has been removed from dirt, dregs, dry skin or accumulated oil. Meanwhile, the skin will easily absorb nutrients from skin lotions.
After exfoliating, the skin will stimulate blood circulation, regenerate collagen, and promote elasticity. The skin becomes smooth, and most importantly, clean
Exfoliation method
On the market, there are various types of exfoliating products: sand cream, bleach salt, cream, lotion, gel, etc.Generally, they belong to the two most common methods:
- Mechanical method: skin is scrubbed with natural products to remove dead skin cells

Microfiber towels, loofahs, mousse cotton, face brushes, pumice stones, scrubs, sand, sugar, and crystal salts are all used in this method.

How To Exfoliate Safely And Effectively

They are often gently rubbed on the skin in a circular motion, effectively removing dead skin cells on the face and body.

- Biological method: using purifying and cleaning products containing alpha or beta-based hydroxyl acids (salicylic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid). These acids help break the bonds between dead cells on the skin's surface, helping them to flake more easily, from which the skin is awakened with its own bright, silky feel.
Double-edged sword
Exfoliating is recommended as the best skin care process to enhance skin health following cleansing and moisturizing. Regular cleansing helps to keep the skin healthy by promoting skin renewal and new cell growth.
In addition, exfoliation helps to stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic vessels, the skin becomes more rosy thanks to good blood circulation and toxins removed. For best results, the skin needs to be purified twice a week.
However, when you exfoliate too often or use an exfoliating product that removes the natural hydrophilic film, your skin becomes dry and prone to premature wrinkles.

How To Exfoliate Safely And Effectively

Always remember to apply moisturizer or water on your skin immediately after exfoliating.
Exfoliating the skin when exfoliating is also a double-edged sword, if not careful with the rotation, you will make collagen and elastin fibers affected, affecting skin quality, easy to slack and wrinkled.
In addition, choosing an exfoliating product that is suitable for the skin type, the skin area will avoid making the skin sensitive, allergic, painful. Always remember to apply moisturizer or water on your skin immediately after exfoliating.
How much is enough?
The fact has proved, the methods of exfoliation performed at beauty salons are more intense and effective than home scrubs. Therefore, if you have been persuaded by the effectiveness of these professional methods, you should know how to limit it. By parallel with deep effects, this approach is associated with the consequences of skin abrasion if you are too abused.
Advice is: should only stop at 2 weeks 1 time or 1 week 1 visit the skin care center to exfoliate.

How To Exfoliate Safely And Effectively

In the remaining time, you can perform exfoliation methods at home with natural herbs, both cost-saving and safety for the skin.
- Do not exfoliate when your skin is allergic, redness or severe acne.
- If your skin is oily, thick, or exposed to dust, exfoliate twice a week.
- If your skin is normal, just exfoliate once a week..

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