How To Identify Spinal Tb

In back pain syndrome, in addition to spinal degeneration, there is another extremely important and dangerous cause that is spinal tuberculosis. The disease can be completely cured if detected early and treated promptly.
How to detect disease?

Tuberculosis of the spine mainly damages the disc and vertebrae, rarely causing damage in the posterior arch. The disease can occur after tuberculosis and lymphadenopathy and may also come from spinal tuberculosis.
Spinal tuberculosis is an infection caused by tuberculosis bacteria, so there are always signs of infection and intoxication such as fatigue, loss of appetite, thinning, afternoon fever

In addition, spinal TB has its own manifestations of the spine. In the early stages of the disease, the main symptom is pain at the site of the injured vertebra, until the stage after the pain will spread along the corresponding nerve roots, the pain tends to increase and pain often goes back and forth. Carry heavy objects, even when coughing or sneezing

When lying down, the pain is reduced, the pain does not respond to common painkillers, touching the spine where the pain is present, the patient will experience a sharp pain.

How To Identify Spinal Tb

Patients will suffer from signs of "spine stiffness" and limited movement, the muscles near the spine stiffen.
If left undetected, the disease progresses to the full-blown phase, during which the disk and spine are damaged further, forming a cold abscess around the affected area.

At this time the patient shows pain in the injured vertebra area, continuous pain, at the injured vertebra will protrude behind the spine may be distorted and restrict movement.
Depending on the location of the injured vertebra, there will be different neurological symptoms such as paralysis of the lower limbs, peripheral paralysis and loss of sensation in the lower extremities, sphincter disorders causing urinary incontinence, disorders Heavy nutrition in the lower extremities causes muscle atrophy.
Tests to do
X-rays of the spine can clearly show TB lesions. That is, the disc is narrowed, if at a later stage, the vertebrae stick together, the vertebrae above and below the disc are destroyed to create tuberculosis, the vertebrae collapsed, especially in anteriorly, the ridge of the vertebra protrudes backwards and causes the spine to twisted and the patient is hunched.
In particular, it is also possible to detect cold abscesses on X-ray film if there is a shaded image of cold abscess

X-ray images of spinal tuberculosis differ from lesions in cancer.

How To Identify Spinal Tb

In the cancer, the lesions are mainly in the vertebrae, the disc is not damaged, so the image of the collapsed disc and the vertebrae are not seen, and the damage caused by tuberculosis has bone destruction.

In addition, other tests such as the rate of sedimentation, tuberculin response are also used to help identify the disease.

For elderly people who show signs of suspicion or prolonged back pain, do not respond to common painkillers, they should go to a TB specialist for timely diagnosis and treatment, because of tuberculosis. Spine is a disease that left a sequelae of the spine very heavy, such as scoliosis, limb paralysis ...
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, so the treatment is not difficult but its effectiveness is very high. If diagnosed early, timely treatment will minimize the consequences of the disease.

How To Identify Spinal Tb

Spinal tuberculosis is a disease treated in the national anti-tuberculosis program, so when infected with tuberculosis, patients should go to specialized tuberculosis hospitals for treatment without having to pay for medicine.
In order to treat spinal tuberculosis well, in addition to taking TB medicines according to the regimen of the national anti-tuberculosis program, patients also receive analgesics, vitamins, especially to enhance nutrients, Ensure full energy for the body.
If detected in an early stage, the disease is still mild, the patient just needs to rest and immobilize the spine in bed without a cast of spine.
If the disease has advanced stage, it is necessary to immobilize the spine with supportive forms such as trough. In addition, the patient must regularly exercise, massage limbs to avoid muscle atrophy, stiffness..

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