How To Use Green Tea To Treat

Artificial drinks have been increasingly exposed, and now people tend to return to natural drinks, especially green tea - the oldest drink of mankind, Very suitable in the summer.
According to Eastern medicine, green tea is Korean, has an acrid taste, is sweet, bitter, slightly sour and non-toxic. In the mind, courage, spleen, waste, kidney. Has the effect of clearing heat, diuretic, detoxifying, except rheumatism, stabilizing blood vessels, treating necrosis, antiseptic, healing lesions. Here are some ways to use green tea to treat:

Sample useful tea: useful sample seeds and green tea, 6-9g each, boiled with 600ml and 1/2 or let boil for 20 minutes

. Drink hot 2 times a day. Has low diuretic effect of heat, catheterization (cure opaque urine, redness), difficult urination, burning due to blood stasis. Also works to regulate menstruation

Real Mexican tea:
100g rice, 6g tea.

How To Use Green Tea To Treat

Heat the tea with boiling water for 15-20 minutes, filter the water to cook the porridge. Drink hot once a day. Has the effect of spleen, taste, digest. Cure poor appetite, eat indigestion. In Japan, it is common to take tea water to rice, porridge, vegetables to eat.
Cure obesity: tea leaves with cardamom seeds each taste 6g warm water to drink daily. Especially suitable for constipation, dry mouth (do not leave overnight because cardamom seeds provoke mucus)

Low-temperature summer diarrhea: tea leaves and lotus leaves each 10g.

How To Use Green Tea To Treat

Reduce the boiling water to drink hot.
Cough fever, respiratory and urinary tract infections in the summer: 3g green tea, honeysuckle 5g. Reduce boiling water to 150ml. 2-3 divided doses.
Winning a fever, thirst, pee less: green tea 3-5g, 1 melon bitter melon cut through each gut, stuffed green tea, hanging wind to dry with finely chopped. Take about 10g to stop boiling old water, drink hot.
Hepatitis, acute gallbladder, jaundice, nosebleeds, bloody urine: green tea 3-5g, needle 10g. Boiling water 300ml old brake to drink water.

How To Use Green Tea To Treat

Fruit green tea helps to cool down summer, prevent thirst and fatigue: green tea 3-5g, lotus leaf 3g, watermelon red guts 100g, 400ml water. Cook watermelon lotus leaf boil for 10-15 minutes, turn off the heat for green tea to drink.
Refreshments, except vomiting, diuretics: green tea 3-5g, 1 ripe fresh mango. Cook mango with 200ml of water to brake the tea.
Can brake green tea with many other fruits, leaves, flowers to drink refreshments, except for troubles such as bamboo leaves, grapes, beans, cassava, longan, lettuce leaves, mint leaves ...
How to drink green tea is good?
- Green tea is naturally better than processed tea.

How To Use Green Tea To Treat

- Drink hot tea better than cold tea (iced tea): hot drink in the summer will reduce thirst and less tired, easy to digest because it is hot in the summer, peripheral veins relax, vascular organs shrink, so Cold food will cause indigestion, unpleasant lumber. However, do not drink too hot, the appropriate temperature is below 55oC.
- Do not drink tea that is over-concentrated, overnight, mixed with 2 drinks (except medicinal tea); Do not drink tea after 16 hours causing insomnia and fasting causing intestinal alcoholism; Do not use to trick medicine; Do not drink immediately after meals.
Taboo: should not be taken when hungry, stomach ulcers, insomnia, constipation, high fever. All ages are drinkable but for children to be diluted, pregnant women, constipation should be cautious when used..

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