How To Use Rotundin Tranquilizers Effectively?

Insomnia, sleeplessness is the disease of the modern world when people are constantly faced with stress. Many people have to resort to narcotic medications or psychotropic psychotropic drugs.

This solution, although effective, but easy to cause drug dependence, even addictive and hallucinating. One of the drugs of concern with medicinal origin, safety and few side effects is rotundin.
Rotundin is a pharmaceutical product made from a medicinal herb called lime jar, scientific name Stephania rotunda

. The active ingredient L-tetrahydropalmatin has a specific chemical structure and is extracted from lime jars.
For a long time, rotundin has been used as a sedative and pain reliever in the form of powders, pills, injections and has been listed in some countries' pharmacopeias.
Many studies have determined the clinical activity and tolerability of rotundin compared with the pharmacological sedative and sedative sedatives, the results showed that rotundin has sedative effect
Sleeping at low doses with very high tolerability, during use, there were no cases of complications and familiarity.

How To Use Rotundin Tranquilizers Effectively?

Rotundin is used to relieve pain in cases of pain due to spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, uterus, neuralgia, hypertension headache and myalgia - bone - joint pain, high fever causing seizures. Rotundin is taken orally. Need to stop the drug in case of manifesting allergy, dizziness.
In addition to the sedative effect of analgesic, rotundin also has the effect of regulating heart rate, lowering blood pressure, relaxing smooth muscles, thus reducing the pain caused by spasms in the intestine and uterus.

Rotundin is used in cases of anxiety, stress caused by various causes of insomnia or delayed sleep, used as an alternative to diazepam when patients are familiar with the drug.
Rotundin is as potent as a chemo drug requiring careful use. Must use rotundin in accordance with the dose specified in the instructions for use, not overdose

In particular, taking rotundin may have some side effects such as when sedating sleeping pills: headache, digestive disorders, drowsiness during the day .

How To Use Rotundin Tranquilizers Effectively?

Information that drinking a lot of rotundin will cause cancer is unfounded. However, this is a sedative, it should be used according to the instructions of a physician and should not be abused because long-term use of any medicine can suffer unwanted effects, most is for drugs acting on the central nervous system.
Like many other drugs, rotundin should not be considered as a cure for your sleep. If you have a lot of insomnia, you need to pay attention to the resting regime, change the working environment, stay away from stressors and have a safer natural sleep.

When having insomnia disorders, it is advisable to first take non-pharmacological measures such as: sleeping and waking at a certain time; limit napping; prepare appropriate beds (airy, dark, quiet); avoid drinking strong coffee and tea before going to bed; avoid going to bed with too full or too hungry stomach; exercise regularly (do not exercise before sleeping for at least 4 hours); practice relaxation and stress-relieving methods (yoga, nourishing breathing, meditation) ..

How To Use Rotundin Tranquilizers Effectively?

. When not improving, take rotundin and use for a few weeks, for example.
If the insomnia does not improve after that, you should see a doctor for appropriate treatment. Absolutely not arbitrarily use sedative sedatives that are Western drugs as benzodiazepines because of arbitrary use will be addicted..

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