Immeasurable Consequences Due To Lack Of Vitamin A

Some studies in our country show that: Vitamin A deficiency is circulating in all localities; Most cases of corneal dry and molluscum show in children aged 12-36 months, of which children 25-36 months are the most affected and the most severe.
Signs of vitamin A deficiency
The whole situation presents with fatigue, poor appetite, slow growth, dry skin, easy hair loss, frequent digestive disorders, bronchitis, nasopharyngitis ...

Typical eye damage, according to OMS, from mild to severe include: night blindness, dry conjunctiva, Bitot streaks, corneal dryness, puree ulcer less than 1/3 of corneal area, puree ulcer on 1/3 corneal, corneal scarring, dry eye fundus

Night blindness is the earliest symptom of vitamin A deficiency, with symptoms such as: children often stumbling, walking around in the evening.
Dry conjunctiva, the child often blinks, lim dim, often both eyes, the conjunctiva rough, yellow, wrinkled, with small bubbles, not clearly visible blood vessels.
Bitot streaks are clusters of keratinized conjunctival epithelial cells, thickening in clusters and flaking, grayish white on the surface of the conjunctival conjunctiva, the conjunctival surface covered with a lather or soap bubble
spontaneous, visible, as seen in the conjunctiva of the eyeball close to the edge of the cornea at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, usually with a triangular base facing the cornea edge.

Immeasurable Consequences Due To Lack Of Vitamin A

The above lesions recover quickly if treated with vitamin A. Dry cornea children have symptoms: photophobia, glare, or squint. Examination of cornea lost light shadow, dim as mist covered.

Corneal epithelium slipped, parenchyma can be infected with inflammatory cells that cause corneal opaque. Pus may have anterior chamber, but still recover completely without scarring if treated promptly.
Smooth ulcerations below 1/3 of the cornea area are irreversible corneal lesions that leave corneal scars and vision impairment. In the case of deep ulceration, iris can be scarred, leaving a thick, sticky iris

Smooth ulcers over 1/3 of the cornea area are very damaging, causing necrosis in all layers of the cornea, destroying or deforming the eyeball.

Immeasurable Consequences Due To Lack Of Vitamin A

The entire cornea may be necrotic, revealing the iris, the lens lens and fluid out, atrophy of the eyeball.
Corneal scarring is a sequel to corneal ulcers, usually a white, painful patch. Dry eye fundus is a retinal damage due to chronic vitamin A deficiency, common in older children, school age, accompanied by night blindness.
The test showed that the concentration of vitamin A in the blood decreased below 10g / 100ml compared to the normal level of 20-50g / 100ml.
Treatment of vitamin A deficiency
When vitamin A deficiency is detected, emergency treatment should be done according to the OMS regimen to avoid blindness. Vitamin A is mainly taken orally because it is absorbed through the intestinal mucosa 80-90%. Children over 1 year of age take 1 vitamin A tablet 200,000 units / day, for 2 weeks.

Children under 1 year of age on the upper half dose.

Immeasurable Consequences Due To Lack Of Vitamin A

In cases where the child drinks but vomits, diarrhea, intramuscular injection of vitamin A dissolved in water at a dose equal to half the oral dose. Every 4-6 months to give another dose of vitamin A 200,000 units.
Offer foods high in vitamin A as mentioned above. Topical treatment: need for dilated pupils, anti-iris stick; using antibiotics against superinfection; Eye exams with drugs containing vitamin A help regenerate epithelium. Do not use ointments with cortisone for eye application. At the same time need to treat the cause of vitamin A deficiency..

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