Implant In Case Of Loss Of Multiple Teeth

Besides the method of implant dentistry, Implant method is becoming more popular and preferred for people who have lost a lot of teeth.
1 / Why should be Implant?
In the past, when you lost a lot of teeth, your doctor would suggest that you restore your teeth with removable dentures, or a fixed bridge. These methods are classic methods that have been used for a long time.
However, removable dentures and bridges also have defects, even causing a lot of troubles for you such as bulky, difficult to clean, sometimes not good pronunciation.
More importantly, bridges and dentures are mainly based on real teeth (called abutments, those that carry dentures, or dentures that are grinded to attach bridges) so that they can be held in the mouth

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Under the influence of the occlusal force, dentures often create poor horizontal forces or leverage for the cylindrical teeth, causing them to be damaged, gradually shaken and do not last long, even if Take good care of yourself!
In this case, it is impossible to keep the abutment. Therefore, when making a bridge, your doctor often recommends you make a bridge with more abutment teeth than the number of missing teeth, such as 2 abutments with 1 missing tooth
The longer the bridge, the lower the prognosis and durability.

Implant In Case Of Loss Of Multiple Teeth

Today, applying Implant techniques, with the advantage of preserving the remaining real teeth, good bearing capacity, prosthesis on the Implant will bring the optimal results and closest to your real teeth.

2 / The procedure of performing prosthesis based on Implant:
- Examination and counseling are very important:
When you want to do Implant to have multiple teeth prosthetic, you should spend the first day to be carefully examined and advised by the doctor.
Panorex digital panoramas are available at each NKLA branch, the image immediately after capture will greatly assist in diagnosis, and treatment planning.
It is important when you come to the Implant for prosthetic prosthesis that the doctor must combine many different specialties in order to:
- Preserve and preserve the remaining natural teeth. Evaluation of a tooth should be retained or extracted and replaced with a Implant that requires a doctor's experience. Equally important is your time and economy.
- Plans for prosthetic teeth after Implant to achieve aesthetics and have the best function

Your doctor may suggest that you make the teeth connected (the bridge shape on the Implant) to save more cost, or when the jaw bone is weak, the teeth connected together will have a higher durability.

Implant In Case Of Loss Of Multiple Teeth

If you have high aesthetic requirements, then each Implant will be made separately to bring 1 separate crown for the front incisors, especially the upper jaw.
- Plans for prosthetic prostheses so that they are convenient and easy, and do not affect your work or life.
Usually when implant implant for incisors, for cosmetic purposes, the doctor will make temporary removable jaw for you to use in the meantime Implant integrates bone.
For internal teeth, doctors often suggest you leave it blank, creating favorable conditions for Implant to heal and create bones.
Temporary jaw should be used to minimize during the first 2 weeks after the Implant, and strictly follow the doctor's instructions, to limit the rate of Implant failure.
In many cases, the doctor simply corrects the removable denture you are using. So after Implant, you can leave immediately with the old denture in the mouth, it's simple and comfortable!

- If you replace the bridge with a Implant, your doctor can make another bridge for you to use temporarily while waiting for the Implant. This bridge is almost equivalent to the bridge you were using before the Implant.

Implant In Case Of Loss Of Multiple Teeth

- If you are having loose teeth, have an incorrect dental bridge, or many teeth are infected, the treatment plan will be more complicated.
So, prepare for the Implant, usually you will need many good doctors in many different specialties. At NKLA, doctors can always consult and coordinate with each other very well to save your time, and the results will be the best!
After taking a scan, examining the density and thickness of your bone, your doctor will outline a treatment plan for you. Do not be impatient, because doctors need to calculate a lot and carefully, sometimes will have to consult with other specialists in complex cases.
Therefore, you should take at least 90 minutes for the first appointment to see the Implant, even more if you have many other questions that need to be answered.
Your doctor may suggest you implant to restore the individual teeth, meaning each Implant will carry 1 tooth, usually applied to the incisors because it requires high aesthetics.
Or also when the Doctor recommends that you have less than the number of missing implants, and make "a dental bridge on the Implant".
This method is more cost-effective, in cases where the jaw bone is no longer good, the doctor will transplant the Implant in favorable positions, then connect the teeth together to create a bridge on the Implant.

Implant In Case Of Loss Of Multiple Teeth


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