Important Changes For Babies 4 – 6 Months Old

This is the stage when a baby develops many new skills. At 4 months, babies smile more than any time in the first 18 months ...
4th month

. Does your child know what to do?
- Adaptability: Children look at moving objects in all directions, paying attention to an object placed in the hand, holding and bringing it to their mouth. At the same time, you can turn over and over.
- Speech: Babies can make different sounds coming out of their mouths and they love to experiment with them
Your baby will practice a sound he / she particularly likes, from squealing to clicking the tongue, and then repeatedly.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

- Reflection: At four months of age, your baby smiles more than at any time during the first 18 months. If children are less smiling when listening, the mother needs to increase the talk, cuddle with children more to create conditions for children to react.
- At only four months of age, your baby already knows the ball thrown in the air will fall again, and they understand that the ball will bounce off the floor instead of rolling over to him.
- In addition, babies can sleep all night and only sleep very little during the day.
Important changes
- Your baby's first teeth are ready. The first tooth bud can appear this month.
- The baby's visual ability is fully developed and the child can recognize the colors of objects and can stare at different distances
Babies can track gentle movements.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

- The baby's hearing has developed almost completely. So your baby can enjoy listening to the different sounds as well as the noises they make.
- Baby's body grows more balanced. Muscles grow and become stronger.
- The coordination between fingers and hands develops quickly. Babies begin to learn how to use their hands to do what they want.
5th month
- Children know how to respond to the voice and look at the speaker. Crying when listening to the mother's voice
- Laugh and "talk" to attract others' attention
- Babies can push themselves up.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

- Baby can hold a toy with one hand, then move to the other. He uses his fingers and thumb independently and can rotate his wrist to see objects he is holding.
- Mimicking moving other people

- Knowing objections when others take away toys or make your child unsatisfied.
- Baby wants to touch, hold and taste everything. Baby can transfer objects from one hand to the other
Important changes:
- Your baby's language skills are developing very fast, even though he has not been able to speak yet for the next few months. He imitates intonation and if he has gained attention when making certain sounds he will repeat it later.
- Babies have movements before her baby is ready to crawl. Just kick and rock, baby can go all the way.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

- Babies may be afraid of strangers.
- Babies gain weight more slowly than before, but the fact that they are active is high, they need a lot of nutrition. Baby weight at this time can be 2 times higher at birth.
6th month
- At six months, your baby will put his hands and feet in his mouth. He knows he can control his body.
- Shame and shyness
- Baby swing, shake in many directions and can shake his head comfortably.
- At 6 months, most children just start learning to sit, crawl, walk or talk. However, according to the results of a recent study, 6-month-old children can completely 'read' someone's intentions for them, and will decide whether they are 'friends' or themselves.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

is 'obnoxious'.

- He finds a way to pick up small objects from the floor with his fingers and thumb. He uses his new skills to judge distances. Baby can hold a toy in each hand.
Important changes
- Eating becomes more attractive to your baby because he or she starts to use their hands at meals. Perhaps babies will enjoy playing with food more than eating it.
- Baby's intelligence is developing fast. Babies can plan to have what they want.

Important Changes For Babies 4 - 6 Months Old

For example, she tries to crawl because she wants to go to the fish tank in the living room.
- Your baby's language skills are also developing, even though he is not yet able to speak but can recognize simple words such as: cheek, dad, car ...
- Babies have many different emotions and know how to express them through noise, facial expressions and "body language". Your baby shows satisfaction, stimulation, affection, impatience, fear, distrust, and many other emotions..

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