Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

Children ‘eat fast growing’, this is also the earnest aspiration of parents. So what "secret" helps to raise stature for children? This article will help you learn how to care for your child's height growth.
Stages of height development of the body
There are 3 stages of rapid growth of body height:
- Stage of fetus: in 9 months of pregnancy, if the mother is eating well, increasing from 10 to 20kg, the child will reach 50cm height at birth and weigh from 3kg or more.
- Newborn period to 3 years: the first 12 months of the child increases by 25cm; For the next 2 years, the child will grow taller by 10 cm each year.
- Puberty period: normal for girls from 10 to 16 years old and boys from 12 to 18 years old

. During puberty there will be 1-2 years height soared from 8 - 12cm every year if well nourished.

But in reality, we cannot know exactly what year it is, so we still have to ensure good nutrition for children during puberty for children to develop.
After puberty, the young body also increases in height but at a very slow pace, the total increase in height of the following years is not equal to one year of skyrocketing height of puberty

It is often estimated that the height of an adult child will be twice the height at 2 years of age (for example, at 2 years of age, the child is 82cm tall, then the height will be 1.

Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

Or the height at maturity is equal to the height at 10 years of age multiplied by 1.25 (for example, when 10 years old, the child is 1.4m high, the height of adulthood will be 1.75m).
Thereby we see foster care in the stages of pregnancy, the first 3 years and the period of puberty is very important for the development of a child's height.
Care measures to increase the height of children

Some studies show that human height is influenced by factors: nutrition (32%); genetics (23%); strength training (20%), habitat, sunlight, illness, sleep


Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

Especially if nurtured well, in the same family, the next generation is always taller than the previous generation. Here are some tips to help your child grow taller:
- Nutrition measures: having the greatest impact on the height, physical and intellectual development of children. Pregnant women need to understand that you eat for yourself and your baby.
So, in addition to eating enough nutrients, you must also focus on eating vitamins to help the fetus grow well.
Vitamins are abundant in green vegetables, ripe fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk ...

Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

when needed you should go to the doctor to order the use of synthetic vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, D, C, group B, calcium, magnesium, iron ...
You need to feed your baby with a reasonable diet: eat enough energy to keep your body healthy and growing continuously.
One day for children to eat 3 main meals in the morning, lunch, dinner and add 2-3 snacks in the middle of the morning and after nap to help children gain weight, increase the monthly height as standard.
Foods need 4 groups of protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals, and must have a variety of foods, preferably more than 20 foods per day.
There are also substances that affect height growth such as iron, zinc, iodine. Foods high in iron: liver, blood, eggs, meat, fish, beans, spinach, milk fortified with iron.

Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

Foods high in zinc are oysters, shellfish, pork liver, milk, beef, egg yolks, fish, and soy. Foods high in iodine: iodized salt, cheese, chicken eggs, milk, sea fish, seaweed, algae.
- Methods of exercise: muscle movement will stimulate, accelerate energy metabolism, metabolism, promote body growth, increase the amount of calcium into bone tissue to help strengthen bones and develop better.

For such benefits, you need to guide and give your child daily exercise routines with moderate exercise suitable for your child's age.
You can refer to instructional exercises on TV, in books and exercises of your child at school to teach your child how to practice.
- Ensuring good sleep for children: good sleep, deep sleep helps the body to secrete growth hormone, helps increase calcium absorption, stimulates long bones and comprehensive physical development. The amount of sleep time depends on the needs of each age, but generally children need to sleep more than 8 hours a day.
You should make your child sleep in a spacious, clean, well-ventilated room, with a quiet, warm, cool, cool summer space, warm blankets, soft cushions for your child to have deep sleep and good sleep, you will see I grow up after every sleep.

Increase The Height Of Children- What Way?

- Medical care: You need to have your child fully vaccinated under the Extended Immunization Program so that your child is protected from dangerous diseases.
Keeping the body hygiene, food hygiene and safety will help your child less susceptible to bacterial infections, poisoning, so that your child can grow faster.
Eat enough nutrients to help children grow well.
Important nutrients that help increase height include: protein (protein) is needed for body growth and development.
If children do not eat enough protein, they will stop growing, lose weight, digestive disorders, susceptible to disease and consequently growth retardation.
High protein foods.

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