Infection Of Amniotic Fluid – Things To Know

Amniotic infection is infection of the choroid, amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid, placenta or a combination infection. Infection increases the risk of obstetric complications and problems in the fetus and newborn.
Benefits of amniotic fluid for the fetus
You can imagine the baby living in the womb, surrounded by a smooth "cushion" layer in transparent liquid. That is amniotic fluid.
Amniotic fluid protects the fetus from external invasion of bacteria, has the function of regenerating energy, both providing nutrients to the fetus and helping the fetus avoid excessive compression due to uterine muscle contraction

. to the fetal blood supply through the umbilical blood vessels, protecting the fetus from bumps and traumas.
Amniotic fluid also helps maintain the stable temperature of the fetus in the uterus, allowing the baby to freely "swim" in the amniotic fluid, thus, the baby's bones and muscles grow stronger. If the amniotic membrane breaks, the amniotic fluid will flow out, the fetus will not be protected and nurtured

What is amniotic infection?
Amniotic infection is a situation where the amniotic fluid of the mother turns cloudy and pus-colored and smelly.

Infection Of Amniotic Fluid - Things To Know

Infection with amniotic fluid can cause the membranes to rupture before 37 weeks of pregnancy, called premature rupture of membranes. Babies born with premature rupture of membranes are at risk for their lives and the health of the mother is also affected.
Causes of amniotic infection
The cause of amniotic infection can come from before pregnancy or during pregnancy. Specifically:
Before pregnancy: The mother has unprotected sex, causing common bacteria such as Ecoli, streptococcal group B to enter the body causing vaginitis, deep adhesion and persistence. long.
During pregnancy: For a reason, a rupture of the amniotic sac that does not require hospitalization for antibiotic treatment in the first place causes bacteria from the vagina to enter the amniotic chamber, causing an amniotic infection.
Signs when pregnant mothers have amniotic infection
Amniotic infection will show through the following signs:
Amniotic fluid leaking from the vagina is opaque green due to pus, odor
If the amniotic fluid is intact but when many vaginal fluid is found, the odor is unpleasant
Pregnant women with infections caused fever, leukocytes in the blood increased and other test results showed infection
On clinical examination, the uterus was tender and tender
The fetal heart rate and the maternal heart both increased
Note: when seeing strange water leaks from the vagina but pregnant women are not sure whether amniotic fluid or urine, you can try using purple kneeling
If the litmus paper is dark green, it will be amniotic fluid while the litmus will not change color will be urine.

Infection Of Amniotic Fluid - Things To Know

Who is at high risk for infection of the pregnancy amniotic sac?
Factors that increase the risk of amniotic infection during pregnancy include:
Pregnant women with a history of amniotic infection in previous pregnancies
People get vaginal infection before getting pregnant but not treated thoroughly
Premature rupture of membranes, early rupture of membranes and prolonged labor
How to diagnose amniotic infection?
The diagnosis of a doctor's amniotic infection will mainly depend on the symptoms of the pregnant woman such as infection manifestations, high fever, tremor, increased heart rate, uterine pain ...
In addition, it is based on other factors such as:
Amniotic fluid properties: green and pus with an unpleasant odor
Physical examination: tender uterus, no amniotic fluid, ...
A diagnosis of amniotic infection is essential for expectant mothers. In case of pregnant women with early labor, amniocentesis is required for testing.

Infection Of Amniotic Fluid - Things To Know

If the results show that the concentration of Glucose is low, the concentration of white blood cells and bacteria is high, it can be confirmed that the pregnant mother had a fetal amniotic infection.
Treatment of amniotic infection
In order for the safe and effective treatment of amniotic infection to adhere to the following treatment principles:
Pregnant women need to see a specialist early: In case there are any signs of suspicion of amniotic infection, they should immediately go to the health facility for timely examination and treatment.
Treatment can be applied such as placing drugs, using sanitary solutions according to the instructions of the doctor and pregnant women who need to strictly comply with, not arbitrarily buying medicine to use
When the amniotic infection is so severe that it may cause termination of pregnancy, the doctor will prescribe for the baby to give birth always and immediately.
At the Department of Obstetrics - Hopital General Hospital, doctors have solved many cases such as infection of amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid, combed vegetables, premature birth ... helping to limit the dangers for mothers and babies.
With the desire to support women 's pregnancy more smoothly and smoothly, Hopital has launched a package of Maternity services including prenatal care during and after birth, including The pregnancy is fully performed with the necessary tests and ultrasound to detect abnormal problems early in pregnancy.

Infection Of Amniotic Fluid - Things To Know

Pregnant women can be completely assured because Hopital owns a team of experienced doctors, highly specialized, modern medical equipment system, accurate, fast and scientific examination process that will help pregnant women. most comfortable..

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