Inflammation Of The Cervical Gland – A Cause Of Difficulty Conceiving

Many women of childbearing age who have cervical gland inflammation find it difficult to conceive. However, once the gland inflammation is treated, the woman can get pregnant as usual.
Gynecological disease is quite common in women
The route is a benign cervical lesion, common in women of childbearing age, as the glandular cells in the cervical canal grow outward.
Because glandular cells have a secretory function, the exposed person often has more vaginal fluid than usual and therefore is prone to inflammation in the genitals such as vaginitis, cervicitis (glandular inflammation). Cervical)

. Therefore, if the route is left untreated, the infection is likely to recur.
Cervical gland inflammation affects fertility
When observing with the naked eye, you will see the red, rough grain. A mechanical examination reveals the epithelial layer that should be in the cervix, but has spread out to cover a part of the cervix, below which is a vascular layer of blood vessels that creates an image of a colored lesion red and rough like granulation tissue

The severity or severity of glandular inflammation is assessed by superficial or deep cellular damage.

Inflammation Of The Cervical Gland - A Cause Of Difficulty Conceiving

The superficial route is a lesion that may appear on a large scale, but the associated cell layer on the surface is not completely gone.
As for the deep route, when the cell layers are gone, the underlying layer is fully exposed to the surface. In order to accurately assess the extent of damage, cell examination and testing are required.
The manifestation of glandular inflammation is the release of many noxious gasses, when strong 'little boy' contact can scratch the cervix, causing bleeding. Because the cervical region does not have sensory nerves, you will not feel pain.
Cervical gland inflammation can lead to cancer
All infections of the vagina, cervix, uterus or other parts of the genitals, such as fallopian tubes, ovaries (appendages), or pyelonephritis, reduce fertility and can cause infertility. due to sequelae of inflammation blocking the fallopian tubes or inflammation of the uterus, due to many vaginal discharge, the humid vaginal area will prevent sperm from coming into the egg
Therefore, treatment should be taken from the route to make way for conception.

Inflammation Of The Cervical Gland - A Cause Of Difficulty Conceiving

When the gland inflammation is treated completely, you can have a normal pregnancy.
The route is a benign lesion, but during its invasion, the cells outside the cervix will respond to proliferation in order to reverse the invasion, sometimes with the appearance of suspected lesions. is can lead to cancer
If the infection is prolonged, women need to be treated aggressively and completely to cure the disease completely, if they do not want to deprive their motherhood or become a victim of the leading fatal disease in the disease. of women!
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Treatment options
Usually, when cervical gland inflammation occurs, doctors prescribe local anti-inflammatory drugs to expose the gland to disappear, sometimes with oral medication if the gland is exposed to severe infection or transmission agents sex.
After treating the inflammation, measures such as electrocautery, freezing, laser lazer will be applied to destroy the route. Before burning, the doctor will also look at the cervix or do a vaginal smear to look for abnormalities of the uterine cells.
When treated with eradication method, it will impact deeply on the sensitive mucosa below, causing complications such as fibrosis, uterine adhesion and deep lesions, cervical holes may be narrowed, neck The uterus will have a hard scar, so conception can be affected. At the same time, until labor, scarring of the cervix after burning can make it difficult for the uterus to open to expel the fetus.

Inflammation Of The Cervical Gland - A Cause Of Difficulty Conceiving

Currently, scientists have researched and found a treatment for cervical gland inflammation without eradication, which will limit the disadvantages of this method, which is the product Queen uses. oral route. The Queen is made from natural herbs such as Crinum latifolium L., royal jelly, bitter ginseng, together with special preparation techniques, which have the following effects:
- Heals lesions of the route, returns the cervix smooth surface and normal discharge function.
- Eliminate and restrain inflammatory agents such as bacteria, fungi, trichomoniasis, viruses, ...
- Balancing vaginal pH, increasing resistance, and limiting disease recurrence.

Inflammation Of The Cervical Gland - A Cause Of Difficulty Conceiving

- Helps prevent cervical cancer and complications of gynecological infections.
Patients with cervical gland inflammation noted, if the causative agent of inflammation is caused by fungi, trichiasis (Trichomanas vaginalis), sexually transmitted agents such as Chlamydia trachomatis, gonorrhea bacteria, syphilis, HPV virus ( Human papilloma virus), etc., in addition to curing their own illnesses, it is necessary to simultaneously treat people who have sex and avoid contact with the above infectious agents. In order to do this, you need to consult a specialist physician.
During treatment the disease should limit sexual intercourse, gynecological hygiene properly, especially on the days of menstruation and after sexual intercourse..

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