Keep The Beauty ‘twin Mountain’

Drinking a lot of coffee, often using alcoholic drinks, breaking with fat ... are the reasons for losing the sexy beauty of the ‘mound of peaches’, the natural treasure of the woman.
To maintain that beauty, you need to avoid making the following mistakes.
Drinking too much coffee
Coffee is a favorite drink of many people and even some people are addicted to coffee. However, from a medical standpoint, coffee is not an unhealthy drink.
A study by Swedish experts has shown that breast size tends to shrink if women regularly have a habit of drinking more than three cups of coffee a day

In addition, the study also found that most women have a gene that causes fat tissue to shrink from excessive coffee consumption.

Keep The Beauty 'twin Mountain'

Therefore, if you do not want the pair of breasts to become flattened, it is best to limit drinking coffee. If you find it difficult to give up right away, gradually "goodbye" to it by replacing coffee with a few cups of hot tea.
Excessive fat diet
Many people assume that fats, whatever they exist, are bad for your health, so they should be completely removed from your diet. But that is wrong because there are actually healthy fats, and these fats are also beneficial for breast cells.
In contrast, a diet that is too restrictive in oils and fats not only causes a nutritional imbalance but also affects the size and shape of the breasts.
Experts recommend that you intelligently control the amount of fat you consume, not break it, especially during puberty so that the "twin mountains" can develop perfectly. and the most comprehensive
What kind of beneficial fat you can find in essential oils, nuts, fish .

Keep The Beauty 'twin Mountain'

Limit meat intake
A pair of beautiful "mounds of peach", developed in all sizes and shapes indispensable collagen fibers. These collagen fibers play a role in the formation of cellular tissues and limit the risk of aging cells in the chest area, causing the breast to shrink in size and sag.
Chicken wing is a food that contains a lot of collagen, but other meats like chicken in general, pork and beef also contain significant amounts of collagen. In addition, to accelerate the process of regeneration and collagen formation, you also need to supplement the balance of vitamins, minerals, especially from the sources of green vegetables and fruits.
No habit of drinking water
Water is an indispensable component for the body because 80% of the body is water, this is what everyone knows. In addition, water plays a very important role directly affecting the beauty of the ‘twin mountains’.

Keep The Beauty 'twin Mountain'

If the body is dehydrated, some breast cells will shrink, causing the size of the breasts to shrink.
Experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day to beautify the breasts and keep the area's fat cells stable. In addition to water, you can also drink fruit juices to supplement vitamins and minerals. However, remember to limit intake of beverages containing coffee.
Abuse alcoholic beverages
Although alcohol doesn't directly affect the size of your breasts, it does have negative effects on antioxidants, making you more susceptible to aging and of course does not eliminate these negative effects. to the beauty of breasts. In addition, there is a lot of evidence that drinking too much alcohol will increase your risk of breast cancer.
People with breast cancer who are required to undergo radiation or chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells will make the breast deformed, shrink in size.

Keep The Beauty 'twin Mountain'

So right now you need to limit the use of alcoholic beverages to protect the general health and preserve the beauty of the ‘snow pear’.
Bathing in water is too hot
In cold, cold temperatures, you just want to take a dip in a hot tub, but few know that taking a bath too hot will cause the skin to dry out, losing the appearance of the breast. So do not take hot baths, should only use warm water to bathe at a temperature of about 27 degrees C.
Wearing a bra is too tight
Double breasts are not only forced to die due to "suffocation" in the tight, cramped space of the bra, but this is also a bad habit that makes the size of the breast shrink. Moreover, regular bra use is also a cause of breast cancer - a very common disease in women..

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