Keeping The Horse’s Head Removed

The head of the horse also had other names: tympanous, phap ma-lam. A kind of herb, height from 50 80cm, few branches. The cylindrical body is hard, knurled, green, sometimes with purple spots, hard hairs. Staggered, heart-shaped leaves - triangular, uneven tooth edge; hairy leaves on both sides.
Inflorescences at the end of branches or between leaves, light green

. Dual-shaped eggshell, with a very hard and tough shell, with two compartments, each with a diamond.
Wild plants grow all over the country. Parts used to make fruit, stem and leaf medicine
When using fruits as medicine, harvest when green is not yellow.

Keeping The Horse's Head Removed

Can be used fresh, dried or dried as medicine.
According to modern research, the tip of the horse is high in iodine content of 200 - 300 micrograms of iodine in 100g of leaves or stems. Leaves have vitamin C (47mg / 100g) ...
According to Oriental medicine, the head of the horse is light and sweet, the temper has a detoxifying, antiseptic, and canopy effect, except for low. Used to treat skin diseases: leeches, acnes, impetigo

Keeping The Horse's Head Removed

In addition, the tip of the horse also works to treat a number of other diseases such as: cure urinary retention, painful arthritis, goiter ...
Treatment of pimples, ripe pus without pus: 15g of fresh, clean leaves, washed, drained, smeared up to pimples or ripe moles. Up to 1-2 times a day, done continuously for 3 days
This medicine has the effect of reducing swelling and pain of boils and acne effectively.
Treatment of leeches' nest: Horse head, summer dry herbs; each flavor 45g, peeled 30g, mummified 20g, spend 15g seeds. All gold stars, powdered pellets made of green pea seeds.

Keeping The Horse's Head Removed

On taking 10-15 tablets, should be taken after meals. Drink in 5-7 days.
Treatment of pyoderma: (moment, boil ...): Pulling the head of the horse, honeysuckle flower, dandelion, earth restoring, land use, each 30g.
Sac with 600ml of water remaining 150ml, divided into 2 drinks a day. Drink in 5 days.

Keeping The Horse's Head Removed

Or: Horse head 10g, dandelion 15g, land 10g, honeysuckle 5g, licorice soil 2g.
All prepared into the form of medicinal tea, the weight of 1 sachet is 42g, each day use 1 sachet, for boiling water to drink during the day.
Cure leprosy: Atractylodes 600g, results in 120g horse head. The gold stars are finely chopped, mixed with rice or rice water, pounded, made into corn kernels.
Drink 3 times a day, 8g each time with cool water. Topical use: Horsetail leaf, poison leaf leaf, rosewood leaf, areca leaf, ginseng leaf, mugwort, pine and mandarin leaf, boil water, then use water to bathe.
Use continuously for 10 days.
Note: When using the drug with the tip of the horse, do not eat pork, horse meat because sensitive people can have a skin rash.

Keeping The Horse's Head Removed

Pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to use remedies with horse-cap.

According to Vnexpress.

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