Liver Calcification: Causes, Signs And Precautions

Calcification of the liver is a form of liver disease that occurs primarily in patients with a history of hepatitis. The more or less calcification in the liver and the extent of damage to the liver, the health of the patient will depend on each different case.
Liver calcification, the cause of calcification
What is liver calcification?
Calcification of the liver, also known as liver lime, is a chronic liver damage. The nature of liver calcification is not a disease but a scar due to damage to the liver, abscess or infection with parasites. The lesions form small particles of gravel, gradually harden and accumulate in the bile ducts in this detoxifying organ and cannot escape from the body

The cause of calcification of the liver
- Hepatic parenchymal inflammation: hepatitis caused by the formation of stones in the bile gland or deposition of bile pigments; or hepatitis due to the effects of alcohol, stimulants ..

- Determination of parasites
- Drugs for treatment of tuberculosis accumulate in the liver: since the drugs for treating tuberculosis are metabolized in the liver, over time it will accumulate and cause calcification of the liver.

Liver Calcification: Causes, Signs And Precautions

- Hepatotoxicity, long-term steatosis
- Liver tumors cause calcium accumulation
- Drink beer
- Hepatic dysfunction
Signs identify liver calcification
If the calcification of the liver is small, it will not affect the patient and it will be discovered only at the examination. However, if the development of large calcified liver has symptoms such as:
- Pain in the lower right flank
- Fever, chills
- Jaundice, yellow eye mucosa
- Gastrointestinal disorders: anorexia, fear of fat, bloating, indigestion
Images of liver calcification ultrasound
Is liver calcification dangerous?
Calcification of the liver is not a serious disease, often with benign results, but large size can lead to biliary tract inflammation, chronic and more severe cholestasis can lead to secondary biliary cirrhosis.
Initial calcification stage: no obvious manifestations, rarely cause dangerous complications
The size of calcified nodules is large: patients feel pain especially when exercising strongly, malaria, convulsions, digestive disorders. When large calcification nodules cause biliary tract compression, the infection recurs biliary tract and may affect biliary function.
Prolonged liver calcification: causing chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, surgery for liver cancer.
Preventing calcification of the liver
In order to limit the development of calcified nodules, patients should adhere to the following specific precautions:
Exercise regularly, help reduce stress fatigue. Increasing immunity helps limit pathology and must use drugs that affect the liver

Diet: Cholesterol should be restricted in the diet to reduce the risk of bile pigment deposition.

Liver Calcification: Causes, Signs And Precautions

Cholesterol is found in animal organs, animal fat, egg yolks, animal organs ... so it should be limited. Need to enhance fresh fruits, vegetables, white meats and should split meals, should not be too full, should not eat too late.
Limit drinking alcohol, beer, hepatotoxic substances and when using drugs for liver toxicity should be directed by a doctor. Especially some medicines of unclear origin, improperly stored male medicines causing fungal infections should not be taken.
Do not overwork, get enough sleep every day, maintain a relaxed mental state, do not worry about liver calcification because this is a benign condition.

Liver Calcification: Causes, Signs And Precautions

Periodic health examination 3-6 months to assess whether liver calcification is greater, assess liver function and examine as soon as there are signs such as pain in the liver, fever, jaundice ...
Periodic deworming every 6 months to 1 year:.

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