Massage For Tinnitus, Deafness In The Elderly

Tinnitus, deafness, and hearing loss in a traditional medicine called atrial fibrillation are very common, especially in the elderly, 80% of people over 75 years of age suffer from it and are often accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, dizziness, dizziness, insomnia ..

The cause is due to ear diseases such as inflammation ..., due to the narrowed auditory nerve, which disturbs the blood vessels that feed the ear area or the side effects of drugs such as some antibiotics, aspirin; due to frequent exposure to noise for a long time; but mainly due to chronic inflammation, due to age and the effects of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes ..

Expression is that the patient feels like a buzzing sound, sometimes it feels like there is a whistling wind in the ear, at night it is harder to sleep, the headphones deteriorate, may have one or both ears, accompanied by people sickness see back weak, blurred vision .

Massage For Tinnitus, Deafness In The Elderly

When this condition lasts will affect sleep, the ability to focus leads to fatigue, weakness of the body.
Elderly people suffering from this disease often pessimistic, alienating people due to difficulties in communication, making children and children less likely to talk.
According to traditional medicine, tinnitus, deafness are directly related to kidney organs. To treat, in addition to cases of physical damage in the ear that requires specialized treatment, the rest can use methods of oriental medicine such as decoction, acupuncture, massage, nourishment .

Massage For Tinnitus, Deafness In The Elderly

very effective.
Please introduce how to use reflexology massage for kidney, ear clearing, hearing enhancement for readers to refer to. Should persistently implement, every day do 1-2 times, each time about 15-20 minutes.

Day acupuncture points: Use your index finger or middle finger and press the acupuncture points on both sides of the ear and work for 1-2 minutes.
Day acupuncture points: Use 2 index fingers or middle finger and press the acupuncture points on both sides of the ear and day for 1-2 minutes.
Day acupuncture points: use two thumbs to press on acupuncture points and day for 1-2 minutes.
Rubbing the waist: Two arms wrapped around the back, palms rubbing the muscles next to the lumbar spine until heated up.
Thai Khe acupuncture point: Use two thumbs to click Thai Khe acupuncture point and day for 1-2 minutes.

Massage For Tinnitus, Deafness In The Elderly

Place your palms on your ears, slowly rub the ears in a circular motion for 1 minute so that your ears feel warm.
Next, use the middle finger to plug in the ear and pull it out, making quick repetitions about 50 times (wash your hands, cut nails to avoid damaging the ear).
Knock the drum: Hold your hands together, place your palms on each side of your ear, your fingers swept backwards, press a heavy, light beat, do so 30 times. Then use your index and middle fingers to tap the back of your ear 30 times.

Take care to keep ear hygiene away from infections or improperly removing earwax.
If you have diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic nephritis, ...

Massage For Tinnitus, Deafness In The Elderly

should be treated early.
When using the drug should pay attention to the side effects of avoiding auditory nerve damage.
Avoid too noisy and noisy places..

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