Massage Helps Children Grow Up

Conditions for conducting a massage
When massaging the baby to be in a warm environment, the baby is laid comfortably. Do not massage when your baby is hungry or has just finished eating.

The hands of the masseuse must be warm, smooth, and nails cut short, not wearing rings to avoid damaging the baby's skin. You can apply a little bit of baby lotion on the palm of your hand.
The masseuse's love for your baby is important, both massage and gently talk or can play soothing music for your baby to hear

The tactics must start from gentle, then gradually strengthened, necessarily not to make the baby feel uncomfortable, attention should not use too strong force nor too light.
Order from head to face, neck, chest, abdomen, limbs and then back. At the beginning, massage for each baby about 5 minutes, then increase to 15-20 minutes, 2 times a day

Massage is not a mechanical manipulation but an emotional exchange of mother and child, along with massaging the baby, the mother's hands and skin will also feel the stimulation from the baby's delicate skin.

Massage Helps Children Grow Up

The meaning of massage
Massage can promote your baby's development: Checking 42 days after birth shows that the weight, body length, and head circumference of the massageed children increase markedly compared to those without massage.

During the massage, between the mother and the child there will be eye contact, the mother often through gentle voice or melodious music to talk to the child, this can boost the nervous system. of child development.
Through long-term observation, it was discovered that the ability of the children who were massaged at birth to develop earlier than those who were not massaged, adaptive capacity to the surroundings (such as getting used to, crying, babbling and talking) also develops faster than children who are not massaged.
Massage increases the child's resistance:
Many studies have shown that massage can boost immunity, increase immune material in the body for babies.
Nowadays, massage has been used as a way to care for sick children. For children with wheezing, after 20 minutes of massage, the illness has been relieved, the mental state is also stabilized

The skin covers the whole body, is the largest organ and also the most important sensory organ in the human body.

Massage Helps Children Grow Up

The skin contains more than 5 million sensory cells, which can receive a variety of external stimuli, such as temperature, pain, etc.
These sensations, after being transmitted to the central nervous system, will produce reactions, via nerves and fluids, to respond.
During the period from the 6th month of pregnancy until the age of 2, the nervous system grows very fast, these stimuli will promote the development of the nervous system. But malignant stimuli such as cold and pain will cause the opposite effect.
According to observation, after being massaged, the baby will sleep very well, waking up not crying but very good. Babies who do not sleep well after being massaged will sleep deeply and peacefully.
The massage movements
Massage the arms: put baby on his back, thumb of his mother's left hand between his palms left, the other fingers gently hold baby's hand.
Use your right hand to gently massage slowly from the wrist to the baby's shoulder.

Massage Helps Children Grow Up

Do the same with the baby's right hand, each side doing 6-8 times.

Foot massage: place baby on her back, mother's left hand lightly grasp the baby's right heel. Three thumbs, forefinger, middle of mother right hand make a circle gradually from heel to knee, doing 5-6 times like that, then move to the other leg.
Rub the back: put the baby on his stomach, his mother's left hand to hold the baby's foot, use the back of his mother's right hand to gently massage from the butt to the baby's neck.
Or you can use your index finger and thumb of your hands to gently pinch the skin from the buttock to the neck along the spine, doing 6-8 times.
Rub the feet: put baby on his back, his mother's left hand to hold the baby's right heel, her right hand gently massage from the heel to the baby's stomach 5-6 times, then rub from the ankles to the head baby pillow 5 - 6 times. Switch hands and rub the other leg as well..

Massage Helps Children Grow Up

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