Medicine From … Chicken Feet

Whole chicken feet or individual parts such as skin, tendons, and bones are common medicines in folk medicine treasures.
Chicken leg skin: According to the ancient medicine book, this part is cooked into high, drink with water of 5-pack skin and pelvis jelly at a dose of 8g per day, cure limb trembling, unsteady walking.
According to folk experience, chicken legs are soft with shrimp (for the whole shell), get water to cook porridge for children to eat daily to treat blue-eyed, slow to walk, slow to teething.
If burned into powdered charcoal, sprinkled on the wound is hemostatic medicine. Some people also use chicken skin with buffalo skin (also burned into charcoal), the effect of hemostasis will be better.
Chicken leg tendon: It is a strange dish (exotic) and is listed in 8 precious dishes (bowl of pearls) for kings and the upper class, often present at banquets.
Ribbed chicken legs, the name of the medicine is weight, sweetness, average calculation, non-toxic, highly nutritious, strong vitality, strong tendon.
Medicinal materials are commonly used in the form of food - medicine, often cooked with herbs of vegetable origin, then eaten hot

May bring dried tendons to use when needed.

Medicine From ... Chicken Feet

People harvest the tendon of the chicken leg by letting the dog chase the chicken until it is exhausted, collapsing, then cutting the legs, peeling the skin to get the tendon fibers plump

The nutritious effect of the tendon of the chicken leg is explained as follows: when the chicken is chased, trying to run, how much energy is put into the legs, but the tendon is where the energy is accumulated. Get the right foot when the chicken has fallen, that is, collect all its force.
Some people believe that the nutritious value of the chicken leg tendon is higher than many other tonic scales and has a strong effect on energy, the tendon strength can be compared with that of the tiger bone, especially when combined with the Chinese herbs.
Chicken leg bone: The Institute of Traditional Medicine has taken the initiative to use 5 types of bone: chicken leg bone 3kg, cow or pig bone 7kg, monkey bone 2kg, python bone 1kg, cooked into "high five core" to foster and restore Health recovery for the elderly.
For a long time, evil chicken leg bone has been considered a valuable medicine of some Eastern countries. Combined with medicinal herbs of the origin, the evil chicken leg bone is cooked into high, called "black chicken essence", a tonic to treat weakness, poor appetite, fatigue, back pain, insomnia, physiology weakness, transparency, haemorrhage, dysentery, theft.
Whole chicken feet: The Muong people in mountainous areas of Hoa Binh province have cured poisoning, especially the poisoning of longan seeds from the forest with heirloom experience: 1 chicken feet of chicken, covered with a batch of batch then burned into charcoal, spread flour.

Medicine From ... Chicken Feet

Take 20g black alum root, detonate 20g sugarcane roots, wash, slice, dry, sharp with 400ml water to 100ml. Take chicken foot powder with excellent herbal medicine twice a day. This remedy has cured 183 cases of poisoning by eating golden roasted longan seeds..

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