Menopause Treatment Of Migraine

Menopause also known as the fruit of the sea (Fructus Viticis trifoliae) is the fruit of the menopausal tree, also known as the menopause (because trees grow low, scrubbing on the beach) menopause grows wild according to the beaches in Many provinces such as Hai Phong (Hon Dau Island), Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Quy Nhon (Quy Hoa) ... In the ripening season, people harvest and dry them or dry them at a temperature not exceeding 60 ° C.
According to traditional medicine, chronic nerves have a bitter taste, a little welding, into 3 canals, waste and bladder

. Has the effect of dispersing the heat of the wind, the bar, except for low numbness, cold limbs, shrinkage, lowering blood pressure. Use for colds, fever, headache, temples, soreness in eye sockets, dizziness, dizziness, high blood pressure.

In the absence of a headache, there is still a headache, sometimes migraines occur, which may be on one side of the head, or on both sides, or on both sides of the head

Using chronic neurotransmitter still works.

Menopause Treatment Of Migraine

Dosage 6 - 12g in the form of decoction, powdered or alcohol soaked. When using it should be noted, those with blood damage that headache use caution because the drug has a dispersion.
Some remedies for menopause:
- Heat stroke, headache, pinkeye
Menopause 16g, chrysanthemum flower, each element of 12g, marjoram 10g, 4g cross frame. Day 1 ladder in the form of decoction. After finishing, you can gently steam your eyes. After drinking warm. Do many times until the end of symptoms

- Thien first system or migraine: Menopause 10g, daisies 8g, 4g cross-frame, Te Tan, white only 3g, sharp with 600 ml.

Menopause Treatment Of Migraine

Boil down the fire to 200 ml, divided into 3 drinks a day. Drink for several days until symptoms improve.
Can also use chronic menopausal alcohol to drink daily to treat headaches, temples, use 100g chronic crushed menstrual, soaked with 500ml of 30% alcohol.
About 3 weeks can extract the extract 1. The drug residue after the first extraction, can soak the alcohol for the second time. Combine the extract of 2 times. Shake well, drink 2 times a day, 20ml each - 30ml before meals.
- Hypertension: Chronic menopause, pale flower, sand base, the amount of 8 - 10g, 1 month in the form of decoction, or brake medicine.

Menopause Treatment Of Migraine

Drink for several days until symptoms improve.
- Eye pain with red, swollen, covered eyes: Menopause 12g, draft resolution, away from money (psyllium), figs (useful seeds) equal amount (10 - 12g). Use as powder twice a day, each time 8-10g, drink with warm water.
- Breast boils: When the breast boils are newly developed, the horoscope becomes hard and crunchy. Each time take 4 - 6g powder mixed into 10 - 20ml white wine. Stir well. Decant the wine and drink the residue on the affected area. Do it many times, until symptoms go away.

Menopause Treatment Of Migraine

- Urinary incontinence: Menopause 10g, crushed powder divided 3 times, drink with warm water during the day. Do more times until the symptoms subside..

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