Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

Regarding the pathogenesis of migraine, there are two distinctly different phases: the seizure phase and the headache phase resulting from cerebrovascular dilatation. If misdiagnosed easily leads to improper treatment worsening the disease, there is a risk of life-threatening illness.
Recognizing cerebral migraine

Signs of a pre-headache headache (alert phase): In all cases, the symptoms of a seizure are temporary and completely go away within 30 - 45 minutes and disappear completely when the onset of migraine occurs. head.
Visual disorders: Sparkle allusions are the most common and basic manifestation

. Patients perceive as seeing a dark streak of light rays fringed into zigzag, sparkling shapes but when these images disappear, leaving the suggestive gaps that make the "market dead-end" is a sensory space. The vision of the eye is partially lost; once it fails to see a portion of the market in a haunted place, it is called blind vision.
When the regional circulation of the posterior cerebral artery is disturbed, the patient feels a phenomenon of radiance in half of the market
If these disorders occur in areas of the retinal artery, the patient notices radiofrequency.

Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

am in the market of an eye.
If the blood flow is altered, the area of the two cerebral spurs, the phenomenon of light will be noticeable at the upper or lower elevation of the eyes.
This point may also appear first, the visual illusion depicts images of familiar scenes and scenes.
In the same patient, this pattern can vary from episode to episode, showing pictures, sometimes in the half of the market, sometimes in the lower part of the eye, etc. The rotation of this point becomes a weakness. The determining factor for the diagnosis of cerebral migraine.
Other visual manifestations may be a faint blur that darkens the market, in some cases they appear as a haze, in irregular places, in others with astigmatism on the sides, in a radiant projection all over the market and can lead to temporary cerebral blindness

Sensory disorders: In 70% of cases, the visual phase presents with accompanying sensory disorders, manifested by the phenomenon of paresthesia, numbness, numbness, and rarer loss of complete sensation.

Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

These phenomena are only seen on one side and especially have half-mouth paresthesia - hand area. Paresthesia begins from the hand, spreads to the elbow and then to the mouth, or from the mouth spreads out in a progressive manner. These phenomena completely dissolve in 20 - 30 minutes.
Disorders of language: This disorder is less common but causes anxiety for patients manifested by forgetting words, disordered speech, fabrication, loss of reading, writing, and calculation.

Other signs and symptoms: In the ranks of unusual manifestations, difficult to diagnose, if there appear more disorders of the body diagram disorder, the perception is that the limbs are deformed.
The patient has an impression of long or enlarged limbs, although the patient considers it illogical. About 3 - 5% of patients experience a dull feeling in their head or a sleep disorder.
Headache phase

Phase headache immediately after the million.

Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

Increasing headache can sometimes become severe and make the patient very miserable. This is a pulse-like headache, sometimes giving the impression of a dislocated head.
The patient lies alone in the chamber, looking for a dark and quiet place because light has the effect of increasing the headache phenomenon.
Headache is accompanied by nausea (about 50% of patients), nausea and vomiting (80% of patients), sometimes vomiting food and bile, making the patient comfortable for a while.
At first, the pain is usually on one side, then easily changes to forehead pain, eye socket on one side or behind the head and then spreads out completely. The timing of headache is very different.
Headaches rarely last longer than 6 hours but they can last for 12 to 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 or 72 hours. The pain usually ends when vomiting and urination are high.

Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

From one attack to another, headaches as well as points can change sides or always localized on the same side quite fixed.
How to treat cerebral migraine?
It can be said that the treatment of migraine is considered as a treatment strategy, so it is necessary to choose the most appropriate drug for each disease. Need special contraindications and drug interactions when combined use.
In the medical treatment of cerebral migraine can use two types of reliever medications and drugs to treat the background. The classic and specific remedy for Ergotamin Tartrat is needed for early use right from the onset of millions of cases, the failure is due to slow medication, inappropriate dosage, route of administration (oral, post-loading (subjects, injections) unsuitable for each patient's condition or poor drug tolerance.
Particular attention should be paid to this drug which can be addictive, the most frightening is the progression of the disease to a state of severe headache and persistent episodes.
Overdose will cause ergotin poisoning (vasoconstriction in the legs leading to gangrene ..

Migraine Is Easily Confused With Brain Stroke Anemia

.). Necessary to be able to use some other adjuvants such as analgesics, antiemetics and sedatives (anti anxiety, anxiety).
Medication should be used after the migraine has been cured, the dose and duration of treatment are determined by the specialist..

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